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The reality of working in our industry isn’t always quite as glorious as the dream that led us here.

So, we’ve developed tools to take you back to doing what you love, producing, selling and sharing great experiences, without clunky tech dragging you down.


Simple to set up, learn, and manage, Kounta POS is full of powerful features to help you improve service, sales, and efficiency, while reducing costs - without all the headache of slow moving or overly complex systems

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With Kounta Purchase, getting stock into your business is simple, traceable, and connected to your inventory, reporting, and accounting systems for dream like efficiency


Enjoy instant, reliable transactions that put slow service and mismatched cash-out amounts to rest for good. Kounta Payments is the most effective way to bring in more sales, reduce costs from errors, and save time reconciling.



Get the data you need to make fast, informed decisions with Kounta Insights - and take the guesswork out of running your business. Track everything that’s important to your success in real-time, across sites, wherever you are.


Unlock a world of opportunity

Kounta is powerful on its own, but even more so when you connect the apps you use everyday. Simplify your accounting process, build demand based rosters, streamline online orders, and foster loyal customers with hospitality’s most integrated POS.

Plus, 24/7 service to get you set up and growing, fast

From helping you flawlessly launch Kounta, optimise your workflows, or to simply be there if anything goes wrong, our service team makes sure you're well taken care of 24/7.


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From saving thousands in technical help to slashing time wasted on admin, learn all the ways Kounta helps our customers become more efficient & profitable.

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