CBA gets behind Kounta’s virtual cash register – WA Today

Shaun Drummond
WA Today
March 14, 2016

Commonwealth Bank has claimed a world first of payments, a cash register and stock management on one device by offering Aussie cloud-based cash register Kounta on its Albert mobile sales tablet.

“Having payments and point-of-sale on one device is, in fact, unique. If you jumped on a plane to New York and dined at its finest restaurant, you would not get this customer experience. Australians are enjoying a world first,” said Claire Roberts, CBA’s executive general manager local business banking.

Kounta is a fully online cash register and inventory management system. This allow businesses to use iPads or iPhones to take payments from customers in stores for goods. The system is connected with inventory and accounts to record the purchases for supply and accounting purposes.

A host of tech giants and local and international start-ups has been offering integrated mobile sales and payments software and hardware for several years now, but most piggyback on ubiquitous mobile phones and tablets, and require extra bulky hardware.

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