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Kounta is now a part of Lightspeed!

The point of sale platform that never stops growing.


Kounta’s journey, a note from our founder:

Like most tech start-ups, we had a small team, big ambitions, and an ultimate dream to challenge the status quo.

It took 6 months of market research, 1 year of working in beta, and 18 months’ worth of takeaway dinners, to introduce Kounta to the world.

Although it’s been 8 years since that moment, I relive it ever so often. Most recently, I felt that same vigour when Kounta became a part of Lightspeed. It was a monumental step in our journey that continues to propel our vision of innovation and connection.

It’s only been a year since we became a part of Lightspeed and I’m honestly amazed and humbled with what our team has accomplished. And we’re only just getting started.

I want to thank our customers – because of you, we got to where we are; our team – a talented and quirky bunch that’s simply nutty about hospitality; and our community – who we can’t wait to continue growing with.

To greater terrains.

Nick Cloete

Nick Cloete