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Aston Club



Aston Club is a mobile payment app designed specifically for use in bars and restaurants and requires no extra hardware. Customers can start their own tabs right from the app, which communicates directly with Kounta point of sale. Once the tab is open, servers enter orders into Kounta, which charges it back to the tab. Customers can monitor how much they owe, set spending limits, and close out the tab at their convenience—including a tip. This is especially useful in bars as it frees bartenders from having to manage open tabs. App users have already verified their payment info with Aston Club, which charges the customer’s credit or debit card behind the scenes and out of your hair.

Beyond payment, patrons that use Aston Club are automatically added into Kounta’s customer database. Use this info to do your own marketing or become Premium Aston Club vendor and they’ll market on your behalf. The app also seamlessly integrates with a suite of mobile loyalty products from Tidy. Create your own custom mobile app for a brand new revenue stream, all while providing excellent customer experiences.

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