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Beat the Q

December 3, 2014


Beat the Q™ is a new way to order and pay en-route to your café saving you valuable time, every time. You deserve to Beat the Q™.

Beat the Q can help attract new customers to your café, increase customer loyalty, increase order values and help you generate more orders.

Your customers will be able to send orders directly to your own dedicated Beat the Q order screen, and payments are transferred directly into your account.

How it works

Simple. Customers send orders and you receive them directly on your own order terminal, OR directly into your Point of Sale system.

When you receive an order, you will see and hear the order come through. Simply accept the order on screen, and commence preparing the order just as if the customer had just ordered over the counter.

Once an order is accepted, Beat the Q automatically moves the money from the customer account to your Beat the Q vendor account, which accrues and is transferred into your bank account on a weekly basis along with an itemised statement.

How your customers use Beat the Q

Anyone can order with your café via the Beat the Q apps or website. Further, you will also be featured in the Paypal apps, so anyone near you with a Paypal account can also send orders directly to you.

Favourite orders can be sent in as little as a few clicks – And as soon as you accept the order, you’re as good as paid. See what some of our customers say about Beat the Q

How we’ll promote it for you

We know you’re busy, so we’ll help get you started. You’ll receive point of sale material, posters and/or stickers that encourage your customers to use Beat the Q.

We can also promote it on our Facebook/twitter/website and encourage you to promote it instore and on all your communication channels (Facebook, twitter, website, email etc).

The more you promote it, the more customers that use Beat the Q, the more it will help your business.

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