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We think it should be easy for customers to find the best food and drinks around them.

And it should be even easier to order: Boppl is a powerful app allowing customers to locate and order from hospitality businesses, and pay for it, quickly and easily—even if they’re already sitting inside. It saves them time, and it saves you time.

Boppl eliminates the time it takes for staff to input orders, deal with splitting the bill, or taking payment by handling all that and transmitting the data to Kounta. Order miscommunication becomes a thing of the past, and customer service improves by leaps and bounds.

No new hardware required.

If you’re already running Kounta point of sale, you’ve got everything you need to start working with Boppl. We handle the payments, including Apple Pay (in available locations) and all major credit and debit cards—even ones you may not have been able to accept before.

How the customer uses Boppl

The app presents customers with a list of Boppl-ready locations nearby—customers can peruse the menu, place their order, and pay from the Bopple interface. Payment is safe and secure, whether using a card or Apple Pay, and order status is trackable in real-timee. By the time the customer arrives, she’s already ordered and paid. Customers can rate the service as private feedback and even add a friendly tip.

Supporting you

Boppl also assists in get you started with using the service, as well as promoting your business through our app.
The world is full of amazing places and experiences. Boppl helps you find and enjoy them.


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