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Collect Feedback

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Measure customer satisfaction automatically

Ask customers for feedback to measure customer satisfaction after they make a purchase. Automatically send a stand-alone feedback email or add Feedback to your customer loyalty or Punch emails.

Trigger Automatically

Ask for feedback after customers buy through Kounta POS with automated emails.

Collect Valuable Feedback

Find out what customers think about your business.

Improve Business

Identify areas of improvement to better your business.

Track Feedback

Measure results and monitor your store's performance in real time. Get an email update every time a customer leaves feedback so you can keep your finger on the pulse, even when you’re not on site.

Manage Staff and Sites

View feedback responses linked to each staff member and store location to help you ensure staff are delivering great service.

Easy for Customers

It's as straightforward as customers choosing a face and giving you a little more detail about why they responded the way they did.

For Your Eyes Only

Give customers a place to vent away from social media.

Respond Intelligently

Ease any hard feelings with a reply, offer or loyalty points.

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