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Collect Loyalty

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Get customers coming back more often

Create a fully automated customer loyalty and referral program that’s effortless to use for customers and staff, helping you deliver a great customer experience that keeps customers coming back.

Designed for Kounta store’s, Collect Loyalty has everything you need in a loyalty and referral program:

Seamless Integration with Kounta

Works seamlessly within Kounta Point-of-Sale to deliver an effortless experience and for hassle free redemption.

Customizable Rewards

Create rewards that work for your business. % off, $ off or get more creative.

Built-in Referral Program

Acquire new customers through friend referrals. Automatically reward customers when their friend makes their first purchase.

It's Your Program

Easily customizable to showcase your store’s branding.

Fully Automated

Reward customers automatically and send optional points balance and reward emails automatically.

Apple Wallet Built-in

Customers can add their claimed rewards to their mobile and receive reminder notifications when they are nearby your store.

Works for Multi-Site

Run your loyalty program across all your stores and deliver a consistent experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Identify your best customers and track program performance. Find out what works to get customers coming back more often.

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