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Deputy is HR in the cloud, handling employee schedules, time & attendance, and payroll. It also acts as a centralised tasking and communication platform. When you connect Deputy with Kounta point of sale you’ll have greater insight on sales revenue and labor costs, enabling more informed decisions on all aspects of business management.


  • Staff set parameters for availability, and Deputy creates and then publishes a schedule in seconds.
  • Intelligent rostering means Deputy fins the best available staff for any given shift.
  • Shift info and reminders can be sent via email, text, or pushed through the Deputy app.

Time & Attendance

  • Easy reference for for everyone’s shifts—past, present, and future.
  • Employees clock in and out with the Deputy Kiosk or Smartphone app, and timesheets are created automatically.
  • Timesheet approval is accomplished through a single click, or can be automated altogether.
  • Built-in geo-location and face-detection technology in the app prevents time theft by confirming where your people have clocked in and out.

Payroll Integration

  • Deputy’s native support for files exported from Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, and Excel ensures it will work with any payroll provider.
  • Staff records from payroll can imported into Deputy to facilitate easy setup.


  • The Deputy News Feed keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Company documents, announcements, or any type of file can be shared with individuals or entire locations instantly.
  • Require confirmation that your team has seen important posts, such as policy changes or urgent news.


  • Task lists can be used for personal organisation, or for assigning out to other people.
  • Reminders and notifications ensure that employees are seeing the tasks you assign them.
  • Receive notifications when tasks are marked as complete.


  • Keep records on employee performance—who is excelling? Who needs some attention?
  • Keep notes on any of your employees and reward them for excellent performance.


  • Intelligent reporting can identify odd activity or irregularities you might have missed.
  • Compare the amount of time scheduled vs. actual time worked.
  • Get a quick overview of staff performance; monitor their availability for upcoming shifts and any time-off requests.

The Deputy Kiosk for iPad

  • For employees without a smartphone, or just for consistency, the Kiosk is like a digital timeclock
  • Employees can use the kiosk to communicate with others within the app, make time off requests, update availability, and assign or complete tasks.


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