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Floodlight Analytics

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Floodlight Analytics is an intelligent Point of Sale analytics platform, which instantly transforms Kounta data into insights and helps you to make better decisions.

It processes your data across all of your sites in real-time, cuts through to the critical information and feeds it back to you instantly, on every device and via email, in a manner which is clear and easy to understand.

It provides interactive charts, real-time statistical analysis and English language summaries to enable you to immediately see - and drill down into - sales trends by week, day and hour, by categories and products, all overlaid with historic weather information. There is also an automated weekly performance analysis email so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business, however busy you are.

This platform gives you the power of the most intelligent, experienced and reliable business analyst on the planet, dedicated to you and available 24/7, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Floodlight Analytics will save you time, money and stress, and will let you focus on running your business - with all of the information you need, all of the time.

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