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With Beat the Q™ and Kounta working together, your customers can order and pay right from their mobile device and your point of sale will add it to your production queue. Orders placed by customers and accepted by you go directly to your production printers or Bump screens as if it all happened in-house. And because they’ll already have paid, all that’s left is for you to make the food and give it to them when they arrive. Customers want the freedom to order this way, and data shows they tend to order 20% more when using an online or mobile service. Beat the Q™ allows you to handle more customers and boost revenue, even during your busiest times.

How it works

Using an app, your customers send orders, which are received directly into Kounta. Beat the Q™ handles the payment and transfers the money directly into your BtQ vendor account.All funds are transferred to your bank account, along with a detailed itemised statement, once a week.

Beat the Q™ provides all new vendors with marketing materials, like stickers and posters, to let your customers know they can place future orders this way.

How your customers use Beat the Q

Anyone using the Beat the Q™ apps or website can place an order with you using a credit or debit card. Because Beat the Q™ is also a featured Paypal app; users will be able to order from you with their Paypal accounts, as well. Customers can also save favourite orders to make future ordering as easy as a few clicks. Check out these customer testimonials to see what folks are saying about Beat the Q™.

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