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Kounta Inventory

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Managing your inventory in Kounta point of sale is a breeze with the features listed.

Purchase Ordering.

Create, email and receive purchase orders from anywhere leveraging real-time inventory levels to ensure accurate and timely purchasing. You can even save a regular purchase order to avoid entering in items every week.


Easily stocktake using any web-connected device and create variable stocktake lists to keep track of the stock in your business, stocktaking particular section at the frequency you desire.

Recipe Creation.

Leverage a powerful yet simple recipe builder to ensure you can automate stock consumption and get timely cost of goods analysis on every item you sell. That way if you sell a product with multiple components like bread, salt and flour are removed from inventory every time you sell a loaf, If the price of flour increases, so will your loaf cost price and, therefore, your gross profit reporting.

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