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SilverStar Analytics

Silverstar Analytics

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Silverstar is more than an analytics platform: it’s a suite of tools to assist in operational management, performance monitoring, and data loss prevention for any retail setting, all in real time. A fully integrated setup between Silverstar and Kounta is ready to go within minutes.

Key features of the solution are:

  • CCTV smart surveillance. By integrating your security cameras with our analytics, Silverstar can detect suspicious activity and retrieve recorded video to provide further context—irrefutable video evidence of right- or wrong-doing. We support your existing CCTV system, bringing intelligence and remote monitoring to your surveillance.
  • Real-time alerts on unusual activity. Silverstar identifies irregular activity by monitoring and analysing transactions on Kounta. This is done through built-in algorithms but can also be customised further, allowing users to define what is suspicious or irregular. Real time alerts for major events are delivered directly to you, from Silverstar to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, in real language for immediate understanding and response.
  • Real time operational data analytics. All relevant data on Kounta point of sale transfers in seconds to our analytics engine for processing, using our unique cloud-to-cloud synchronization. Real-time performance monitoring of your retail business is possible with immediate data availability. Understand sales in real-time. Our powerful analytics and forensics features make it easy to understand your business.
  • Free for single outlet retailers. Analyse the last month's worth of data and bring a new level of insight to your retail operation and the conduct of your staff at the Point of Sale.

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