Table management at a glance

Quickly seat guests on arrival, know the status of each table, and modify your layout on the fly. The Tables add-on ensures your customers always receive superior service - while improving turnover & sales.

Exceptional table management yields exceptional service

Create flexible layouts

Drag and drop to set up your table layout in minutes. Merge tables on the fly to accomodate bigger parties.

Keep wait times short

Quickly see all of your sections and available tables at a glance to seat guests faster.

Improve sales and turnover

Assign orders to tables and see their statuses. Always know when to attend to your customers or bring them the bill.

Integration Features


Flexible layouts - easily create your table layout with a drag & drop editor. Combine, merge, or move tables to adjust your seating on the fly.


Customise your layout - add structures, features, floor types, and more to mirror your layout as closely as possible.


Toggle layouts - create saved layouts by day of week or functions like weddings.


Ordering - assign orders to specific tables.


Monitor table statuses - tables change colour on screen if customers are waiting to order, haven't ordered in a while, or if the bill is on its way.


Merge orders - if one table pays for another table's bill, tables can be merged and paid together.


Split bills - tables can split bills and pay separately if they wish. Cash or card accepted.

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