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Say goodbye to paper timesheets & time theft!

Tanda is a rostering, timesheets and payroll automation tool that connects to Kounta and imports your staff attendance data and historical sales data.

Tanda will help you build better rosters using Kounta’s sales data, track when your staff are working and pay your team accurately. Tanda is a complete cloud-based solution and works with all popular accounting systems.

Key Features

Sales data alongside rosters

Our dedicated reporting tools for Kounta point of sale help you put your sales data to work and compare staff coverage with historical sales trends while you’re rostering. This is designed specifically to help you build rosters that are the most cost effective possible.

  • Have projected sales data from Kounta when creating the weekly roster.
  • Easily compare weekly/daily staff costs with sales data from Kounta.
  • See where and when you are spending more with staff cost notifications.
  • Roster your staff only when they are needed based on customer demand.

Clock-in directly on the Kounta POS

Using Tanda with Kounta allows for easy staff attendance tracking using your existing Kounta POS system or you can request a regular Time Clock device from Tanda.

  • Import staff from Kounta and export clock-ins to create timesheets.
  • Manage your attendance, breaks and costs from anywhere.
  • Easy to keep track of staff, no matter what you do or where you do it.

Pay rate calculations (Award Interpretation) & payroll export

Import raw attendance data into Tanda and automatically calculate accurate pay rates and integrate with major payroll providers including MYOB, Xero and more.

  • Automatic categorisation of pay rates based for Australian Modern Awards or your organisation’s EBA.
  • Reports to compare staff timesheets with rostered times.
  • 1-Click export to your payroll software.

So much more...

No Paper Timesheets

Say goodbye to tedious paper timesheets and hello to a seamless automated process.

Award Interpretation

Innovative and automated award rate templates save hours of manual data entry.

1-Click Integration

Easily connect Kounta with Tanda for better insight into your business.

View Live Attendance

View up-to-date staff punctuality statistics and stop time theft instantly.

Accounting Integration

Process your entire payroll in 5 minutes with smooth accounting integration.

Cut Staff Costs

See where and when you are spending more with staff cost notifications.

Cloud Based System

No bulky and expensive hardware or space consuming programs or data.

Drag & Drop Rosters

Easy to use drag & drop editor means building a staff roster is almost magic.

SMS Shifts

SMS rosters to staff and customised messages to individual staff members.


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