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Say Goodbye to Paper and Spreadsheets: Manage Your Business With Mobile

HR tasks like tracking labor and payroll, and scheduling employees, are fraught with possibility for error. The tasks involved can be repetitive and tedious: definitely not the kind of thing you want to do with paper. Spreadsheets really aren’t much better, with their endless columns and rows of numbers. TimeForge solves all this by automating much of your labor management—from a powerful, flexible interface you can access from anywhere.

Key Features

Simplified Scheduling

  • Employees enter their available days and hours, and TimeForge builds the schedule
  • Factor in breaks and time off—paid or otherwise—for budgeting and payments.
  • Shifts can be built on criteria from sales forecast to employee skillsets.

Accurate Attendance

  • Staff check in and check out with TimeForge using biometrics (fingerprints) and their activity can be tracked using Personal ID numbers.
  • Stay on top of employee hours with alerts. Get notified when employees are late, if it’s time for their break, or if you’ll be on the hook for overtime pay
  • Easily identify and schedule backups in case of illness.

Maximized Human Resources

  • Create job openings in TimeForge and publish them
  • Manage available candidates through the hiring process
  • Onboard employees online—complete tax forms, training, and other Day 1 paperwork from one interface.
  • Manage various employee certifications and track expiration dates. Alerts prevent the accidental scheduling of employees requiring renewal.

Focused Sales Analysis

  • Comprehensive sales forecasting, down to the day, using historical data and external factors like weather
  • See at a glance whether you’ve got adequate coverage to meet your forecasted goals
  • View sales revenue vs. labor cost to fully understand the return on your labor overhead

Customer Benefits

  • An efficient and well managed labor force saves money, keeps prices down
  • Huge reduction in time spent dealing with administrative tasks
  • Centralised platform enhances communication between all team members

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