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What if your Wi-Fi could do more? A lot more. Introducing Wavespot, the perfect solution your business marketing needs. Wavespot router transforms free WiFi into a powerful marketing tool, enabling merchants to engage with their local customers at the right time, and the right place.

Wavespot at play

Automate Facebook Fan growth & email signups

Every time a customer connects to your WiFi, it’s an opportunity to get an email address, advertise your business’ social pages, increase fans, followers and check-ins. You’ll never have to put up a sign asking for more fans or have a fishbowl to collect email addresses—with Wavespot just plug in a router.

Increase revenue with a new type of mobile marketing

Wi-Fi is the perfect delivery vehicle for mobile coupons. No keychains or Apps required, with Wavespot the coupons can be sent to anyone connected to the Wi-Fi. Share the right coupons, and attract customers when it matters the most – in real time.

Drive repeat visits through triggered email automation

Conversations shouldn’t stop when your customers step out of the store. Wish you could get back those customers that visited you last month? Use Wavespot’s automated email platform to retrigger engagement and drive 4X more return visits.

Our Kounta point of sale integration beautifully completes the coupon-redemption loop, allowing you to track coupon redemption rates, shares, and the automatic revenue growth behind it.

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