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10 Steps to email marketing success for retailers

One of the most publicised, and indeed best, ways of reaching your customers and attracting new customers to your business …

By Werner

One of the most publicised, and indeed best, ways of reaching your customers and attracting new customers to your business is email marketing. We have all encountered a viral marketing campaign, and in many cases we have taken up a service or bought a product because of one. The fact is that email marketing works; but what factors should be taken into consideration when embarking on such a campaign?

Here are ten tips to make your email marketing campaign a massive success.

Make Subscribing Easy

This is a pretty straightforward reason to begin with. The easier you make it to subscribe to your email, the more subscribers you will get. Don’t make it obtuse or complex to subscribe to your email and you will benefit massively.

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Be Informative

Tell your subscribers explicitly and simply what they can expect. Tell them whether you intend to send them updates regarding the company, special offers, or whatever you will populate your emails with. It’s vitally important to tell your readers what to expect and how often to expect it. Don’t soft soap them, or take advantage of them in any way. Be straightforward and transparent.

Make Customers Feel Welcome

Send all of your customers a welcome email. This reminds people that they’re on their list, and reassures them that singing up was a worthwhile act. You could even send new subscribers a special offer or exclusive content, in order to welcome them on board.

Be Aware of Branding

Branding is one of the biggest buzzwords in the world for a reason. It works. Your emails should not merely fit into the brand that your company is projecting, it should make a contribution towards building it. Make your emails match the colour scheme of your company, and ensure that the tone of the text is appropriate. If you don’t think you can write well enough to do this; hire someone.

Make your Emails Easy to Read Quickly

Make your emails easy to read via scanning. We’d all like to believe that information we produce and send out is of vital important to people, but of course the complete opposite is the case. You need to be able to grab people’s attention quickly with your emails, so break them up into manageable bite-sized pieces. Don’t send out emails that are one wall-like monologue of text. This will not go down well, it cannot be digested, and people will not take it in or give it their due attention. Use headlines to tease the email, and make the subject line to the point and clear as well. Optimise for Mobile, more than 60% of emails are read on a mobile device, ensure your mail can be easily read on a mobile device.

Send People Things That They Actually Want

This might seem straightforward, but…send people content that they actually want. This is probably the most important tip in all honesty, as people will not continue to read emails, look at them, or even remain a subscriber if they perceive that they are not getting anything out of it. One of the most basic facets of consumer psychology is to make people feel as if they are getting something for nothing, and this should be the absolute by-word of your approach to email marketing.

Maintain an Accurate Publishing Calendar

Keeping a publishing calendar will be extremely useful for you. Don’t underestimate the commitment required to produce a regular viral marketing campaign. If you send too many emails in too short a period of time then you will annoy your subscribers, but if you don’t send anything for months then you will be forgotten. Plan your time accordingly.

 Proofread and Edit Diligently

There is nothing that screams amateurism more than basic spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure your work is proofread diligently, ideally by someone else, and ideally by someone else with editing skills and a proven reputation. If you can’t acquire such a person, make sure you run it through a suitable word processor spellchecker.

Run Systematic Tests

Finally, test out whether your emails are working, and different approaches to the process, not to mention the visual appearance of your emails. Send test emails to colleagues, or use a testing program to make sure your emails are suitable. When you look at your test emails, consider what you’re trying to convey. Get the opinions of others, and encourage them to be constructive and objective.

If you take on board these ten tips then you have every chance of crafting a successful email marketing campaign that will bring value to your business.