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August Product Update: Order types, efficient purchasing of stock & a localised loyalty app

August update

By Greg

Over the last few months, we've been cooking up new features to make business easier for you. Here's the full rundown

What’s new?

Ever poured a dine-in coffee into a takeaway cup?

We know the little things can make a big difference. Whether you’re calling out a takeaway order, or running an order to a table, it helps to know what type of order it is. It saves waste, helps the kitchen and is perfect for deliveries. So we created Order Types, which you can add to your Kounta set up for no extra cost. 

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What you might have missed

Want to get & manage your stock 100x more efficiently?

Of course you do. With Kounta Purchase your staff always know what to get, from who and when, there is no need to be on site to order accurately and you get a full receiving history. Purchases even sync to your accounting package which means no stress for accounts! The best part is the basics are completely free!

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From our partners

Care about growing your business whilst adding to your local community? So do Locify.

As a proud Brisbane company, Locify have rolled out to Brisbane Metro first with exciting success and are now expanding nationally. Our mates over at Duo in West End have loved Locify so far and have added an awesome $4300 in extra revenue over 4 months.​

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