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Bottlecraft Loves Kounta, We Love Bottlecraft

The people who work at San Diego’s Bottlecraft Beer Shop all love one thing above all else: that bubbling feeling …

By Dave Eagle

The people who work at San Diego’s Bottlecraft Beer Shop all love one thing above all else: that bubbling feeling of hope for the future as they listen to the gleeful laughter of children on a playground. No, that isn’t true.  I’m just messing with you. It’s beer. They love beer.  Besides, have you ever heard the racket kids on a playground make? It’s horrifying. And who doesn’t love beer, anyway? I mean, apart from children (as if we needed another reason to be scared of them).

Meanwhile, at Bottlecraft, it’s next-level beer love for employees and customers alike.  Their original location in Little Italy has 24 live taps going daily. I say “live taps” because while they might run out of a particular beer, Bottlecraft never runs out of beer in general—any number of kegs are just waiting to go into service as soon as one kicks.  On the off chance that all 24 taps went dead at once, they still have an inventory of over 500 bottles of beer to choose from. Just so we’re clear about what the means, I’m not saying they have 500 total bottles of beer. They have 500
different varieties of bottled beer, all of which can be purchased for enjoyment at Bottlecraft or at home. Bring your own food if you’re hungry, and bring your dog if you’re lonely, but definitely bring a thirst for beer because that’s all that’s on the menu. Bottlecraft’s second location in North Park is a little different, what they describe as a “funky little mash-up of a shop.” There’s the requisite 500 bottles of beer on the wall (500 bottles of beer!), but they’ve also partnered with local fromage slingers Venissimo Cheese to offer charcuteries, paninis, various artisan snacks, and—oh, yeah—cheese.  The tap is smaller—only 5 on draft at a time—as is the tasting area, but the sleek, modern vibe so prevalent in Little Italy is on full display here, too.


That commitment to aesthetic is partially what led them to Kounta when it came time to get rid of their old POS.  The tangled web of cables connecting a bulky desktop to its monitor (and power, and the network, and printers, and the till) was an anomaly in the otherwise clean 1,600 square feet of deliberately designed space at the Little Italy location.  When they opened up in North Park, they realized there was no way for the two locations to “talk” to each other. Something as simple as knowing what each shop had for inventory required being at the shop. It was clear that the POS Bottlecraft was using had to go. When they saw Kounta working with the Powa POS’s all-in-one tablet stand, they were intrigued.  When they realized Kounta was cloud based and both shops could be managed remotely and simultaneously, they gave it a shot. And when they realized how much easier it is to run their business, they were hooked.Kounta @ Bottlecraft
They got rid of the ugly desktop POS, scrapped the wires, and replaced them with Powa’s T25. Kounta’s ability to handle retail and hospitality applications with ease has the many aspects of the business under the control of a single application.  Bottles and kegs get sold right alongside beer straight from the tap, and inventory is updated correctly either way, even accounting for the three different tap sizes of 4, 8, and 16 ounces offered.  When one keg goes empty, it’s a simple matter of attaching a new one and updating the POS screen to reflect the change. The bluetooth barcode scanner gives employees the freedom to move around the shop, so deliveries can go straight to the shelves and get scanned into the system from anywhere.  Josh van Bruggen, Bottlecraft’s General Manager, credits Kounta with making them more efficient, in turn making their customers much happier. That’s a nice sentiment, Josh, and we appreciate it. But we’re pretty sure it’s the tasty beer in a great setting that’s lifting their spirits.