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Cashless Transactions – Your New Transaction (Coming to the US)

We were on our way to the Night Noodle Markets last evening, and my partner says to me, “We’d better …

By Dave Eagle

We were on our way to the Night Noodle Markets last evening, and my partner says to me, “We’d better stop off at an ATM on the way.”

“Pffft.” – I’ve seen first hand how quickly merchants are adopting technologies to streamline payment processes and offer customers exactly what they want – cashless transactions.

Night Noodle Markets

Case in point – Contrary to just a year or two ago where you would have seen “cash only” signs plastered on multiple stands, there are now “no cash” signage on several booths.

#poweredbyKounta on Albert – The Best Thing After Sliced Bread

Kounta on Albert a world’s first came from partnership between Kounta and Commbank to offer merchants a single device to both take payments as well as access front-end Point of Sale and back-end processing systems.

Retail and Hospitality service providers across Australia have embraced Kounta on Albert as the POS of choice, as customer expectations have evolved to demand speedier and more personalised interactions.

Point of Sale, POS

Re-thinking customer experience is something we’re passionate about and ultimately Kounta on Albert will be a pivotal part of our success.” Says Chris Tate, General Manager of Retail from Pablo & Rusty’s – a local Sydney cafe.

Learn more about the work we’re doing with Australia’s best stores.

“[Kounta on Albert] means staff can be interacting with customers in a more efficient and personable way because they don’t need to be using multiple systems or devices.” Says Claire Roberts, Executive Manager, Local Business Banking, Commonwealth Bank.

Nick, Founder of Kounta says, “As it stands, existing legacy POS systems limit the mobility of retail and hospitality staff. They have to complete orders and payments at a big clunky static computer and fixed payment terminal stations – a system that’s now not only extremely outdated, but stands in the way of operational efficiencies.”

Kounta on Albert offers users the freedom to complete transactions including checkout, table management and splitting bills on-the go, all with robust reporting on stock levels and other business insights core to operations and growth.

Now AEVI Takes Kounta on Albert to the US

The partnership between Kounta and AEVI  means that US merchants now have access to a robust Point of Sale solution that integrates seamlessly with other best-of-breed business services available through the AEVI Global Marketplace.   

What does all this mean to Retail and Hospitality merchants in US? Well first of all it means you can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Kounta is coming your way to make your lives much, much easier.

Now that you’ve taken that breath, you can celebrate an intuitive POS solution that can take you from your brick and mortar store through to events at the scale of Sydney Night Noodle Markets without needing to switch out your hardware, while keeping all your data centralised.

The opportunities are endless. Learn more about how our POS can change the way your cafe, restaurant, bar or retail outlet operates.

Sydney Night Noodle Markets #poweredbyKounta

Night Noodle Markets

The Sydney Night Noodle Market is #poweredbykounta and that’s transforming the way the event runs.

Here’s what it takes to keep up with a crowd of that scale:  

  • Speed – Each of these booths easily processed anywhere from 3,000 to 15,000 transactions each night. The event was packed, lines long, and customers hungry. Kounta on Albert speeds this entire process up with fast payments and by facilitating mobility. Staff took orders and processed payments while customers were still in queues. 
  • Centralised Inventory Data – When Kounta vendors found themselves running low on specific ingredients, they could preemptively take items off the menu instead of disappointing customers.
  • Keep Selling, Online or Off – An outdoor event with mass scale attendance bang smack in the middle of the city meant that Wifi wasn’t always the most reliable. Kounta kept sales running smooth even when coverage cut out, syncing data back to the cloud once vendors could go online.

Point of Sale, POS, Kounta on Albert

Moral of the Story:

  • Kounta on Albert – coming soon to the US!