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Checkout Kounta at the NRA Trade Show (Not that NRA)

You can visit us at the NRA trade show from May 16th through the 19th; we’ll be in booth #9038 in the …

By Dave Eagle

You can visit us at the NRA trade show from May 16th through the 19th; we’ll be in booth #9038 in the Lakeside Center, along with our partners from DeputyCollectMercury PaymentsEpson and Powa.  Stop by and check out how we do checkout.


The first taste is always the best.  Remember when you installed your now aging, expensive Point of Sale?  That first day was a revelation. Everything’s so easy! you probably thought, and How did I ever live without this?  But then a cycle of dependence starts.  The system doesn’t run like it used to—there’s some noticeable lag—and you figure you’ll just buy some new memory and then you’ll be good.  You take the system down after hours, pay a consultant to upgrade the hardware only to find the POS won’t start up.  Turns out there’s a conflict with the version of the software you’ve got and the new hardware; you figure you’ll just pay the consultant to do the software update, and you’ll be good.  But then your vendor tells you about the latest version—lots of great new features that you’ve been wanting—and since you’re paying for support the upgrade is free, plus the cost of time for someone to install it. You figure you’ll just get to the latest version, just one more update, and then you’ll be good.  But it’s never enough.   The new version requires better hardware.  The latest hardware requires updates to software.  Just one more fix, you keep telling yourself, just one more and that’s it.


It’s a recursive cycle, where you keep narrowing yourself into a corner because all that money you spent upfront makes it hard to walk away.  But you can do it, and Kounta can help.  Visit us at our booth at the National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show in Chicago, May 16th through the 19th, and we’ll show you how you can get the monkey off your back.  Break free of your legacy POS addiction, and check out the only cloud-based POS that’s feature-matched with Micros and Aloha—making its North American debut.

We’ll show you how Kounta makes it possible for you to:

• Eliminate server hardware/software headaches running your POS as a cloud-based service.
• Add-on to your POS’s functionality by integrating with third party apps like Collect Rewards’ mobile loyalty program and Deputy’s employee scheduling and management solution..
• Print to any Epson printer for production & Securely Accept payments using Mercury Payments
• Replace that clunky WinXP system with the sleek, all-in-one hotness of a T25 from PowaPos
• Centralise location management with an industry-best multi-store management platform: all your products and employees are managed from one interface, and can be modified on a per-location basis.
• Sync your sales data to your accounting platform, as with our integrations with Xero or Quickbooks.
• Generate robust reporting and analytics on your whole operation.
• Integrate credit and mobile payments directly into the app.
• Do all this with a Total Cost of Ownership at less than 20% of the legacy solutions: We saved a burger restaurant chain $50K in opening costs compared to an industry leading POS provider.




And because Kounta’s a monthly subscription—not a software investment—you actually can anytime you want to.  But you won’t want to.  So kick the the legacy habit, and give Kounta a trial run.  You can visit us at the NRA trade show from May 16th through the 19th; we’ll be in booth #9038 in the Lakeside Center, along with our partners from Deputy, Collect, Mercury Payments, Epson and Powa.  Stop by and check out how we do checkout.