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Cloud Based Point of Sale Software and the Mobile revolution

Mobile applications, running on your tablet and phone are driving dramatic changes in our retail […]

By Josh Harrison

Mobile applications, running on your tablet and phone are driving dramatic changes in our retail landscape. From self serve retail kiosks through to low cost cloud based Point of Sale software such as Kounta. Daniel Burrus a best selling author, technology writer and entrepreneur says “Currently, the largest retail chains are starting to embrace the ecommerce/mobile shopping revolution and install their own in-store kiosks and allow customers to download their own shopping mobile apps.” Mobile…Friend or Foe? Burrus goes on to explain how this trend for larger businesses is finding resistance into the SME market. “The problem is that small to mid-size retailers are continuing to see ecommerce and mobile shopping as a threat rather than an opportunity. But it’s time that they embrace the new reality that people are being increasingly empowered with smart mobility. ” Some businesses get nervous about change, choosing to push it away rather than see how they can utilise it. The wave of new business owners; particularly noticeable with the plethora of laneway cafes constantly opening up in Melbourne’s CBD, are changing this trend. Utilising the changes in technology to implement awesome tools in their business at very low cost. “Very soon, more and more retail outlets will be using mobile devices to not only make sales, but also to show customers additional features or other products available for special order. ” “The key is to make the customer’s experience an enjoyable one that includes no lines and free shipping…. So instead of fighting mobility, it’s time for retailers of all sizes to create a complimentary mobile and in-store strategy, one that can bring people from the outside in.” With the growth of ‘cloud based point if sale software’ apps such as Kounta (Cloud – Apps you access anywhere from any device through your web browser) and mobile technology such as the iPad, business owners have an amazing opportunity to improve their business with low cost and low risk. Read More of Daniel’s original article…..    

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