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Connected Hospitality Rocks Foodservice 2017

We teamed up with Telstra, Deputy Staff Rostering and SMB Consultants for a successful launch of Connected Hospitality at Foodservice Australia.

By Greg

How do you do an event right? Well, you serve Gelato Messina.

Kounta teamed up with Telstra, Deputy Staff Rostering and SMB Consultants for a successful launch of Connected Hospitality at Foodservice Australia. It was a buzzing three days of Gelato Messina, beats and deep conversation. We got to meet thousands of amazing hospitality folk and share stories to help them create better efficiencies, supercharge their service and grow.

What is Connected Hospitality?

Connected Hospitality is an exciting new digital documentary series focused on existing and emerging talent from Australia’s changing hospitality scene.

This season we speak with the owners of Bekya, Belles Hot Chicken, Young Henrys, Messina and Dust about efficiency, service and growth. All these businesses while different, are connected by their underlying systems, their recipe for success. The first episode is out – check out Messina’s story.

Here are a few excerpts from the pros:

Pineapple was requested all the time – so I could have been a hardcore Italian and say no, we don’t do that here or I could be a servant to the community and provide them something that they want. And do it better. So now we get the pineapples off the plant fresh, then smoke them in our wood oven.”
– Cesare Salemi l Dust Bakery

“We’ve got it written in our office, growth is only acceptable if it’s done in our way. It’s kind of like with Guns and Roses’ first record – there was just something about those five guys, and that record – and then they messed with the formula and it all went downhill.”
– Oscar McMahon l Young Henrys

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Find out more.

What connects these businesses?

All these hospitality businesses are connecting their business tools to create efficiency, provide superior service and grow.

It all begins at the Point of Sale

A robust set of features isn’t enough. That’s just the bar to entry.

A Point of Sale that allows you to integrate with the other tools you use becomes your business’ command centre. It becomes where you track what’s selling versus what isn’t, who your best employee is, where the bottlenecks in your workflow are, and so much more.

We’ve always been big fans of a connected solution at Kounta and have evangelised the value of mobile payments, accounting integrations and much more. Check out our robust Add-ons marketplace to get the complete picture of all the tools we integrate with.

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Staffing and Rostering

Staffing has been consistently raised as a challenge within the hospitality industry. Chris Tate from P&R explains that the “nature the hospitality industry is transient in a lot of ways. People don’t seek out a lifelong career in the industry. They see it as a stopgap, something to do in between high school or university. Sometimes they see it as an easy road, but it’s certainly not”.

With Deputy Staff Rostering you can now get far more finesse in the way you make staffing decisions in your business. Deputy’s time clock and sheets help provide greater insight into workplace productivity, while their workplace messaging and tasking features create communication and accountability efficiencies.

A connected system doesn’t stop at software

When your business depends on a connected environment it goes without saying that your hardware connectivity needs to be reliable.

See how Telstra’s Netgear Nighthawk and 4G iPad can power your connected business.

Ready to connect your business?

See how the best in the hospitality business are creating efficiencies, providing superior service and growing their business with a connected environment. 

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