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#Moremerrylesswaste this Holiday Season

40% of Australian perishable stock purchases end up in the bin. Here are several things you can do to reduce …

By Dave Eagle

moremerrylesswaste, foodwaste, wastage

40% of Australian perishable stock purchases end up in the bin. Here are several things you can do to reduce food waste this holiday season:

Empower your team

 Team building with a purpose

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Do it different with your team building plans in 2017. Transform rescued food into restaurant quality dishes for disadvantaged communities with OzHarvests’ cooking for a cause class.

Sign your business owner up for OzHarvests’ CEO Cookoff!

OzHarvest CEO Cookoff
Photography by: Nikki To

The OzHarvest CEO CookOff is a unique event that brings together Senior Business Leaders and Top Chefs to create a meal for over one thousand vulnerable people. Sign up your business leader at

Your business can also donate or get involved in other ways here.

Help to feed those in need

Photography by: Nikki To
Photography by: Nikki To

OzHarvest rescues surplus food and delivers it to those in need. Get in touch to find out how you or your business can help.

Empower your customers

Reduce portion sizes

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You can do this with initiatives such as offering half portioned mains or smaller portioned sides paired with free refills.  

Educate on takeaway

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Offer guidance on how customers can best to use leftovers. Do this by providing information on when leftovers are no longer safe to eat and/or offer instructions on storing, reheating and serving leftovers.

Empower your community

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Further on an earlier point, you could team up with other venues on your street to help spread the community spirit and rescue more surplus food.

Working as a community will mean greater good can be achieved with a smaller footprint.

Empower yourself


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Kounta joined the fight against food waste at OzHarvest’s Eat. Think. Save 2016 – boosting fundraising by enabling cashless donations at a rescue luncheon early this year.

Rescue your leftovers, rescued or saved ingredients. Check out OzHarvests’ wasty recipes brought to you by their executive Chef Travis Harvey.

Donate to charity

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You don’t have to go out of your way for this. Donate to woolworth’s christmas table for good campaign whenever you stop for groceries. Each $2 go a long way towards their goal to feed 2 million this christmas.

Commerce for Cause

Tag your business on Facebook, instagram or twitter and join the #moremerrylesswaste campaign.

#moremerrylesswaste, foodwaste, wastage