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For the Globetrotting Foodies: 7 Mouthwatering Food Festivals Around the World

Festivals are always a good idea. And food festivals in particular? Well, naturally, we think they are the very best kind.

By Chloe Chaplin

The words “next level awesome” come to mind, but in all honesty, there really are no words to describe our love for the fests of all fests.

We have a sneaking suspicion our foodie pals share this sentiment with us as well, so without further ado, we present to you seven not-to-be-missed food festivals from across the globe. Don’t forget to wear a comfy pair of loose-fitting trousers. You know, just in case you need to loosen your belt a couple of notches at the end of the day.

Happy eating, fellow travelling chowhounds. We’ll see you in the crêpe line!

Big Feastival

Where: Alex James’ Farm Near Kingham, Oxfordshire, OX7 6UJ

When: 23rd – 25th August 2019

The Grub Down: Okay, so this one isn’t just a food fest (we kinda cheated), but it’s simply too good not to put on this list. The Big ‘Feastival’ takes place every year on the Cotswolds farm of former Blur bassist, Alex James, which makes this a full-blown music festival by default as well, but have no doubt, the food will be top notch and plentiful. The chef lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but you can bet there will be some Michelin star favourites and a feast-worthy spread of culinary delights. And yes, the music will be killer, too. Last year’s lineup included music from Basement Jaxx and Paloma Faith, among others, plus a great mix of activities for both kids and grownups. If you’re anywhere near Cotswolds in August, this foodie fest is not to be missed. 

Visa Wellington on a Plate

Where: Wellington, New Zealand (region-wide)

When: August 2019

The Grub Down: Not your everyday one-stop-shop food festival, this Wellington favourite takes place all over the city. Wellingtonians have been enjoying this foodie event now for a decade, and for the first time in history, the festival will run for an entire month. Historically, it’s been 17 days. The event will host hundreds of participating restaurants, bars, cafes and food trucks, and over 100 events. It’s become one of New Zealand’s most anticipated events and you can bet that burgers will be the star of the show. That said, there will also be a hearty mix of other tasty eats, primarily of the comfort food variety. If you’re in the hood or you’re planning a trip to Wellington and you’ve not yet experienced this month-long festival with some incredible international chefs, then it’s highly recommended. 

Taste of Dublin

Where: Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Ireland

When: 13-16 June 2019

The Grub Down: A family-friendly event, this four-day festival located at Dublin’s “hidden gem” location, Iveagh Gardens, is pure foodie heaven. Taste of Dublin is an event that sees the likes of the city’s hottest and tastiest restaurants with some really cool entertainment to boot, along with a chance to mingle with award-winning celebrity chefs. Masterclasses, interactive demos, culinary talks, beer and wine tastings will all be on offer, along with live entertainment to enhance the whole tasty experience. They even have a “Secret Ingredient” stand for those of you who enjoy the mystery behind your meals. It’s another not-to-be-missed few days of all things food if you happen to be in or around Dublin this June. 

The Grub Fest

Where: Delhi, India

When: 14-16 October 2019

The Grub Down: India’s biggest food fest (yes, the biggest food festival in one of the world’s biggest countries), The Grub Fest is pure, gluttonous bliss for anyone who likes to eat. They’ve also got full-blown pop-up nightclubs, but yeah, we’re here to talk about the food. 70 restaurants will come together for the big event, all under a single roof. There will also be cooking classes, an organic gourmet market, and an awesome lineup of the country’s most prominent chefs. And can we just stop for a moment to daydream about the aromas at this event? The curry, the cardamom, the masala, the cinnamon…you get the idea. Popular restaurants like Social, Cafe Hera Pheri and Koyla Kabob will all be there, along with newbies such as NIche Lounge & Bistro, Chull and Ekk Bar, and more. Planning a trip to India this October, fellow foodies? Then you may want to get yourself over to Delhi for an unforgettably delectable experience. 

Noosa Food & Wine Festival

Where: Noosa, Australia

When: 16-19 May 2019

The Grub Down: One of our favourite festivals in one of our favourite locations, especially for foodies like us. We’re talking about Noosa, Australia, and these five delicious days take place right smack dab on the beach. Noosa Food & Wine Festival has a little bit of everything – beachfront brunches, celebrity chef dinners, and live cooking demonstrations. Mingle with some of Australia’s top chefs as well as rising talent while eating your way through five days of foodie bliss. 

Budapest Gourmet Food Festival

Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: 17-20 May 2019

The Grub Down: Champagne, dumplings and caviar anyone? That’s the focus at this year’s annual Budapest Gourmet Food Festival, and our mouths are watering just thinking about it. And seriously, Hungary is underrepresented on the foodie charts, but when it comes to food, these guys don’t mess around. Hungary may be a small country, but it’s certainly a special one and as far as out-of-this-world food goes, Hungary brings it. Think goulash, Hungarian crepes, and some of the most delectable stews you’ve ever tried, among so many other tasty treats. The festival will be host to many internationally renowned chefs cooking up national favourites on the spot. If you’re in or around Hungary this May, go treat your tastebuds to something special. 

Singapore Food Festival

Where: Singapore

When: 12-28 July 2019

The Grub Down: Singaporeans love their food, which is why the country’s annual food festival that’s been happening since 1994 is really no joke. We’re talking about the Singapore Food Festival, of course, which is put on by the Singapore Tourism Board. The board hosts this event as a way of celebrating all of the local foods of Singapore, a country known for its diversity in cuisine and flavours. It has a little bit of something for everyone, from culinary innovation, to artistic and cultural presentations, to traditional fare. The Singapore Food Festival is totally free, and guests only need to bring enough cash for the food itself. And, of course, a healthy appetite. 


With so many food festivals across the globe these days, it’s difficult to choose a favourite. In fact, we’ve never really met a food festival we didn’t like. We simply wanted to make sure we were representing in as internationally diverse a way as possible while still introducing you to a sampling of some global favourites. Oh, and if any of you wind up planning the full world tour of these fests, we have a few small staffers at Kounta who don’t take up much suitcase space and we make great travel companions. Just throwing it out there. Happy eating and festival-ing, foodies!

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