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Green Beacon Brewery CASE STUDY About Green Beacon Brewery started with a simple mission, to give Brisbane locals a place …

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Green Beacon Brewery



Green Beacon Brewery started with a simple mission, to give Brisbane locals a place to enjoy quality beer, without the frills and noise of typical bars in the area. But soon their efforts exploded in popularity with wholesale expansion across Australia and a stack of awards from CBA and AIBA adding fuel to the flames.


 What started as a smaller operation for Green Beacon quickly grew in operational complexity. A second brewing facility was commissioned, extra staff were hired, more data was needed to run it all smoothly, and a team now split across sites only made it harder to keep everyone in sync.

“Transparency into the retail operation is really important,” said Charles McKay venue manager of Green Beacon Brewery. “My directors need to see exactly how things are progressing, and our production team utilises our retail data to gauge the performance of our beers throughout the year.”
To keep everyone informed at the level Green Beacon needed, Charles would have to spend the equivalent of nearly three days a month creating his own reports in Excel. “To do this all in spreadsheets requires a lot of labour to find data, export it, ungroup it, and piece it together into the right date formats. I’m also converting units, and if anything changes, like our glass sizes, it’s just a nightmare to do it all by hand.”

“We had tried a business intelligence tool, but it was rigid and had trouble linking up to our system. I couldn’t drill into my data at the depth I needed and a simple thing like removing outliers wasn’t possible.”

“In the end, I was just sacrificing my time when there was an easier way of doing things. There were also other questions I felt we needed answers to, but spending any more time pulling reports together in Excel wasn’t worth the effort.”


With Kounta Insights, Charles found a powerful combination of time savings and in-depth reporting.

“By far the report that helps guide my efforts the most is seeing individual product revenue week over week. When we release a new product, we watch the demand closely. Naturally, new items pull sales of other products down, but eventually the effect wears off and things even out. If one product sells too fast or slows sales of another, we’ll need to make a change. We want our beers to sell evenly within a two week window to keep them all fresh. Without Insights, staying on top of all of these fluctuations is very difficult.”

“Hour of day performance shows us quite clearly how our sales are weighted and where our peak hours are. Not only is this helpful on a staffing level, it’s good to understand exactly what our patrons want and why they come here in the first place. For example, we know that the majority of people come to Green Beacon from 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM to start the night, rather than finish the night.”

“I then split total monthly beer sales by individual products in a simple bar graph and cross reference it to my itemised stock take. I can also quickly convert my literage from the revenue each product is drawing, instead of doing it all out by hand.”

“For staff performance, I look at average sales and transaction values to see exactly who’s performing in relation to the hours I’ve put them on – which is great for staff incentives and making sure everyone is on an even keel with training.”

“Payment type totals is fantastic. It’s a beautiful visualisation that can show us the full split and lets me pinpoint a time when I’ll be able to switch away from cash. Even now, I can see in August I took 79% through EFTPOS and 16% through cash.”

Not all businesses are created the same, and with Insights Charles is now able to create custom reports for whatever he needs. “As a perk, we let our team members enjoy a beer after work or take some home. To keep it under control, I have a custom report in Insights that shows what and how much my staff are having on a weekly basis.”

“I’ll be also be using the customer sales really heavily soon. Being able to track your eb and flow of your most loyal customers is powerful. What do they buy, and how long do they stay? We might be pushing things that our customers don’t care about. You’d really have no indication from looking at your raw revenue figures and you can’t rely exclusively on what your front of line staff see. It’s really easy to miss without Insights.”


“If you need to understand exactly what’s going on with your business from revenue, costs, and stock keeping units, Kounta Insights is the most versatile tool you could possibly have. There are so many easy to miss but important things, like staff performance, which Insights allows me to stay on top of without much effort. The data is actually quite beautifully visualised as well. It’s a relief to no longer have to manipulate my data in Excel to get a simple graph.”

“Overall, the sheer amount of time I save on reporting is a major win. My biggest report is a monthly recap. If I were to compile it in Excel, it would take me two full days. But with Insights, the report auto-populates and sends to my team every month without me having to do anything.”

“And really, I’m just delving into the huge amount of facilities that are available on Insights. It seems limitless so far. I use it on a monthly basis and every time I find a new way of looking at my data that adds value to the business.”

“It’s all very exciting, and I definitely look forward to running reports because of Insights. Reporting isn’t a chore anymore.”

“My biggest report is a monthly recap. If I were to compile it in Excel, it would take me two full days. But with Insights, the report auto-populates and sends to my team every month without me having to do anything.”

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