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Growing customer loyalty with digital punch cards

Having a loyal customer base can be the golden ticket for a business. But it can be hard to keep …

By Greg

kounta-guest-blog-headerHaving a loyal customer base can be the golden ticket for a business. But it can be hard to keep track of customer loyalty and know if you’re doing the right things to help grow it. Loyalty punch cards can help, but they can also be a massive hassle for businesses and customers. The good news is, in today’s digital world, businesses have the chance to be innovative and run a more successful digital punch card program, and now you can too.

On average, loyal customers spend 60% more per visit. And their repeat purchases multiply this even further, as they shop with you more often [Rosetta]. They are also more likely to spread the news about your store amongst friends and introduce new customers to your store. In fact, loyal customers are 70% more likely to share their favourite stores with their friends.


Not only do loyal customers make you more revenue, they also require less of your marketing budget than acquiring new customers. Acquiring new customers costs approximately 5 to 25 times more than retaining existing customers [HBR]. So make sure you are doing what you can to encourage repeat business and turn your customers into loyal advocates of your business.

Other than the obvious to encourage customer loyalty, like helpful, friendly customer service and quality products, there’s one thing that has forever been used to help businesses encourage customer loyalty. Punch card programs!

Loyalty punch card programs are everywhere, from coffee shops, restaurants, movie cinemas, and hair salons, to your local pet shop. And for good reason. As simple and old-school as they seem, they work to keep customers coming back to you (over your competition) as customers work towards their final stamp to earn a reward.

But, they can be a massive hassle! They are costly to get printed. They are open to fraud, with anyone able to add a stamp or a punch to their own card. You can’t track whether or not it’s actually increasing customer loyalty and earning you more revenue. And consumers have to fumble around in their wallets, bursting full with a dozen loyalty cards, to find the right one.

Introducing Kounta Loyalty Punch Card! Gone are the days of organising and managing paper cards. The digital punch card allows you to create punch cards for product categories that you want to drive repeat purchase of. It’s completely integrated into Kounta, meaning that it’s fully digital:

  • punch-aromaPunches are rewarded automatically when customers purchase the product category through your Kounta POS – Just make sure you add the customer to the sale.
  • Automatically send customers email updates as they earn punches and rewards
  • Easy reward redemption in Kounta. Rewards are unique to the customer and the discount is added to the sale with one click.
  • It’s completely measurable with detailed reporting. Get email updates as customer loyalty increases and weekly progress reports on your digital punch card program.
  • And another extra little win – it’s better for the environment, helping your business be that little bit extra socially responsible ?



Adding a digital punch card program to your Kounta account is free, with unlimited punch cards, unlimited customers, and unlimited store sites. Create your digital punch card program in Kounta and see how it works to encourage customer loyalty for your store.

Create a digital punch card in your Kounta by clicking here

Guest Blog by Natasha Mazey – Retail and hospo loyalty and marketing expert at Collect, Marketing automation for retail and hospitality.