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How to Save Money with a Cloud Scheduling and Time Clock System

People take great pride in companies they built from the ground up. Yet, any business owner or manager attempting to …

By Werner

People take great pride in companies they built from the ground up. Yet, any business owner or manager attempting to manage a team larger than a couple of employees in a shed in the backyard knows how challenging that process can be. Keeping a team well organised and productive might come as a challenge so the use of available online tools or smart phone apps can come very handy.

This is when online scheduling systems started being popular. Due to a great demand for professional employee management tools, a whole set of cloud scheduling and time clock systems emerged in the last few years.


Why cloud?

While those desktop software tools managed to do the work for schedulers and office managers, relaying roster information to employees via the company’s board was quite cumbersome. With countless companies managing whole teams of employees outside their company offices, there was no better way than building scheduling and time attendance systems through various cloud technologies. Allowing employees to login in to the system from their home to check their schedule, either by using their computer or smart phone was something that came next. Cutting down no-show shifts was a frustrating process for all managers and schedulers in various companies and industries. Nowadays, all they need to do is publish the schedule on the cloud and let their employees check the schedule on their own or easily notify everyone via email or text message.

According to a recent survey, the use of online time and attendance tools has significantly decreased no-shows and improved the tracking of employees who are constantly  late. Having your employees and team members come to work right on time and be 100% engaged and productive is no longer just a pipe dream. Now you can see the exact coordinates from which your employees clocked in to work and how much time they spent working. Filing shift reports is much faster as employees may be required to fill in one while clocking out. That way, the report is instantly available to you, the very moment your employee completed the work.

Monitoring your staffing costs is simpler through online scheduling systems as well. By entering pay rates for your employees, these systems can easily calculate your staffing costs with breakdowns per day, week or even per hour. If you cross reference your sales income with staffing costs, you can get a better vision of your company’s effectiveness and you can manage your costs accordingly. Why would your staffing costs be higher than your sales income at any moment of the day or week? The ease of use of these scheduling tools is amazing. You can create shifts for the whole team in a couple of clicks; you can drag and drop shifts from one group of employees to another or simply let your employees self-manage their shifts and trade internally. With your supervision, your employees can do most of your work with a good and reliable staff scheduling system.

The above post was provided as a guest blog post by NimbleSchedule – a cloud labor scheduling and time attendance system. Its sophisticated interface and affordable price make it an irreplaceable tool in the workforce management process. No more juggling an excel spreadsheet in a futile attempt to create an efficient schedule or making a dozen of phone calls to see who can cover a suddenly dropped shift. With NimbleSchedule, this process is now a piece of cake.