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Howdy, Partner: The Core Technology Group

We like to write a lot about how awesome Kounta is, and how—if you need a POS—it will change your …

By Dave Eagle


We like to write a lot about how awesome Kounta is, and how—if you need a POS—it will change your life and the way you do business and possibly make you more attractive and younger, too.  The good news is you don’t have to be a retailer looking for a POS to enjoy all the fruits borne by the Tree of Kounta.  Now, a new demographic can choose Kounta to grow their business without ever having to use it.  I’m speaking of the bright men and women in the technology services sector who have partnered with us to help bring Kounta to their clients.  We’ve had the help of some fine partners in Australia, and we sought out the best for our recent launch in North America.  One of the first to sign on with us is The Core Technology Group in Texas, a very small company in a very large state, but these folks have embraced the limitless geography of the cloud to be a nationwide provider of Apple IT services and support.  The company was founded just a short while ago in 2013, but already has expanded out of its initial service area of Dallas / Fort Worth to work with clients all over the U.S.  So, an Apple-centric IT organization with cloud expertise? Yes, please, says Kounta.


On the surface, the Core Technology story is pretty similar to that of our hospitality and retail customers: established business looking for cost effective solutions to help grow their customer base, without exorbitant investments in hardware and software. Because Core is focused on services, they run a lean and flexible operation.  Partnering with Apple for user hardware and Cisco for network infrastructure means they can provide the best equipment to their clients, but ultimately it’s their knowledge and expertise that are for sale.  And as a small business that caters to small businesses, Core has an understanding of their clients’ needs that are reflected in their reviews over at As they sought to expand their reach via new services, they identified cloud-based POS as a possible avenue to explore.  As a focus, it made a ton of sense to the folks over at Core.  Cloud apps lean heavily towards Apple hardware—iPads and iPhones, specifically—and cloud POS is a sort of brave new world for small time retailers and restaurants.  In November of last year, Jonathon Cooper was brought to spearhead this initiative.  Only one problem: as he began to research different options they found that none of the players available in the US were offering anything that Core wanted to attach its name to.  It’s not that the options were necessarily bad, they were just incomplete.  But in life, timing is everything.  And as Cooper’s search headed into early 2015, we were busy introducing ourselves to North America.  He figured he’d check us out and see what was what—and what he saw piqued his interest.  “I saw how Kounta was doing things in Australia, and it was way different from what we were doing here in the US,” he said. Our focus on hospitality gave Core entrance into another industry, and our feature set is unmatched by any other cloud solution.  Companies like Micros and NCR have dominated in the past, but with cloud software getting more robust the laurels they’re currently resting on are getting weaker.  For Cooper, it was a no brainer.  Our focus on hospitality gave Core entrance into another industry, one which was ripe for disruption.

And disrupt they did.  It didn’t take long for Core to help a Dallas institution, Wild About Harry’s, to toss out their aging Micros POS in favor of—you guessed it—Kounta.  Harry’s has been in business for nearly 20 years, selling gourmet hot dogs and homemade frozen custard from the same location on Knox Street, and now they’re looking to expand the business with franchise opportunities.  Just like Core Technologies Group, Harry’s–now run by Harry’s daughter, Sydney–has expansion plans that include Kounta: before Sydney could grow her business for the future, she had to bring it into the present by rethinking how their POS and IT needs ought to be addressed.  With Core taking the lead on the project, everything went smoothly and Harry’s is poised to grow.  Their second location has just been completed, and a third one is underway.

The name Texas comes from a Hasinai Indian word, tejas, meaning “allies,” and we’re very excited our new Texas tejas.  They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and and we’ve no doubt that Core and Kounta will soon live up to that legend.