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Introducing Kounta Insights

Today we launch Kounta Insights, an advanced analytics platform that gives users the ability to dive […]

By Nick Cloete

Today we launch Kounta Insights, an advanced analytics platform that gives users the ability to dive deeper into the valuable data collected from their store’s Point of Sale and make smarter use of Big Data.

Kounta Insights is a custom-built platform that handles complex metrics and generates comparative data about products, customers and staff to empower key decision makers within the business, in real-time.

Designed specifically for emerging brands, high-volume outlets, franchises and multi store operations, Kounta Insights can collect, store and process an unlimited amount of data from the Point of Sale.


Furthermore, the high-speed, fully scalable and customisable platform provides permission driven user access to unlimited data volumes and customisable reports, especially useful for franchise groups.

With Kounta Insights, businesses can use the data for:

  • Product Management – monitor the success of new product offerings and compare with previous figures to view real growth and manage cannibalisation.
  • Customer Interaction – identify customer behaviour by data trends using store and product level sales analytics.
  • Staff Performance – use track staff POS activity for better performance reviews and management.
  • Periodic Sales – filter and compare data, using time and date based parameters to understand and identify seasonal business opportunities.

“Kounta Insights will allow businesses to make smarter use of the wealth of data that’s already being captured by their POS system. Ultimately, it comes down to how a business uses that data to deliver a better product and service to stay ahead of the curve.”

We will begin the roll out of Insights (currenly in Beta) in July and plan to have Inisghts availble to all customers by August.

Starting today, you can take Insights for a spin by contacting us for a free trial

Kounta Insights is another unique offering from the Sydney based Point of Sale company. Kounta’s powerful and secure Cloud service allows businesses to access their data and manage their stores from anywhere in the world.

For more information on Kounta Insights, visit:

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