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Introducing Kounta’s New Subscription Plans

As always, we’re committed to providing more flexible pricing options for all different types and […]

By Nick Cloete

As always, we’re committed to providing more flexible pricing options for all different types and sizes of merchants, including more advanced features and support for high volume venues and franchise business so are pleased to announce new features and updates to our subscription plans (globally) to our Lite, Business and Plus plans.

kounta's new pricing

We need to make these updates as we’ve added a number of new features and improvements over the past few months, and more recently;

  • Partial Refunds,
  • Refund Reasons and Reporting,
  • Predefined Reasons and Amounts for Discounts and Surcharges,
  • Enhanced Reporting for Discounts and Surcharges,
  • Tables 2.0 with floors and guest tracking,
  • Register-level Configuration of Production Printers, and
  • A whole bunch of under the hood stuff.

More detail about the new features here.

Existing customers have the option to stay on their current plan or switch to a new plan at any time to access new features.

The new plans are Lite, Sell, Manage and Extend;

  • Lite remains free for new merchants to trial and setup Kounta.
  • Business, now Sell, stay’s at $50.
  • There is a new mid-tier Manage Plan at $100 which includes 2 registers and most of the new features
  • Plus is now Extend and includes 3 registers, all of the new features and additional registers costing $25

As you’ll see we haven’t actually increased the pricing but just restructured it, to provide the best and most suited feature set and support to all the different types and size merchants now using Kounta.

We’ve being very careful to align price to value, and believe Kounta is more than competitive as it evolved dramatically and with each release we deliver more value. This is the first time we’ve updated our plans since Kounta began in 2012.

In that time we’ve built out a true POS platform (not just a POS) – see the our rolling status page.

Our pricing will remain upfront and simple to understand with no hidden fees. You’ll still get unlimited transactions, unlimited products, unlimited users, unlimited customers and unlimited access to a limitless Point of Sale experience.

Merchants in Australian and New Zealand will be charged in AUD and merchants in the US and Rest of World will be charged in USD.

The new features and subscription plans come into effect with Kounta’s next release due by 1 November 2015 and all Kounta Customers will be sent a notification of this, upon release.

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