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Jock Zonfrillo : The Orana Foundation

Few people know and appreciate real Australian produce as well as Zonfrillo, his mission is to change that.

By Chloe Chaplin

If you don’t know who Jock Zonfrillo is, well, to put it simply, you should.

Jock Zonfrillo

Half Scottish, half Italian, award winner, father, husband, walking expletive, chef, philanthropist, the guy who kicked madonnas dog … the list goes on.

After a four-hour conversation about bush food with Jimmy, a Circular Quay busker, Jock was fuelled by a desire to reconnect with the land, his deep passion for traditional ingredients and the cooking methods of indigenous communities was realised.

Since then Jock has gone on to open two-hatted restaurants; Orana (Restaurant of The Year), and his playground, Bistro Blackwood. Zonfrillo has been awarded The Basque Culinary World Prize, his work and purpose acclaimed globally, and his dedication to food and the preservation of land and culture is respected industry-wide.

Jock celebrates indigenous Australian culinary history

Restaurant Orana is a masterpiece, recognised globally for being a creative hub. However, that masterpiece only exists to fuel Jock’s real passion, his non-for-profit, The Orana Foundation.

Few people know and appreciate real Australian produce as well as Zonfrillo, his mission is to change that.

The Orana Foundation

The Orana Foundation exists to shine a light on Australia’s Indigenous Foods. Bringing our incredible native ingredients to the world, whilst celebrating and supporting Indigenous culture and communities. The foundation seeks to preserve and protect thousands of years of know-how and culture through research, innovation and enterprise.

Orana x Kounta

When Orana’s Account Manager Ed heard that Jock and his team were relocating to our stomping ground, he knew they’d need as much support as possible. The whole purpose of Kounta’s newly formed Account Management team is to proactively help Kounta users to set up their systems the best way for them. With Orana in mind, Ed picked up the phone and offered everything he could – including his exceptional front of house skills on weekends!

If you want a similar experience with our account Managers, register for an upcoming Kounta masterclass here.

‘We didn’t even ask Kounta, Kounta picked up the phone and said hey, I’ve seen in the newspaper you’re doing a residency in Sydney, how can we help? That’s somebody who gives a shit about your business, and for me, that says everything.’

Jock Zonfrillo

Orana in Residency

After two years in the making, Jock has relocated restaurant Orana to Sydney for a month-long residency at the recently vacated Longrain site in Surry Hills.

Ten per cent of the profits from the pop-up will support The Orana Foundation

“Our work in The Orana Foundation has been funded by people who ate in Restaurant Orana and realised there’s been a blind spot when it comes to acknowledging and preserving Indigenous foods and culture, and that’s why we’re bringing Orana to Sydney.”

Orana in Residence will be coming to an end on September 22. The 22-course tasting menu is $350 per person, with the experience lasting up to 2.5 hours. Beverages are not included in the menu price however wine pairings, non-alcoholic pairing and an a la carte wine list is available.

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