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Keeping the Pace: Don’t Let the Holidays Slow You Down

There’s just a week left till Christmas, so let me say this to all the […]

By Dave Eagle

Photo by David Porter (Flickr)
Photo by David Porter (Flickr)

There’s just a week left till Christmas, so let me say this to all the retailers bracing themselves for the home-stretch: let’s be careful out there, folks. You’re going to be open longer hours, your customers are going to be more frantic in their searches, spaces will be crowded, and feelings will be hurt. Tensions, like a Russian track athlete, will be running high. Crabby patrons will snap at tired employees, and those same tired employees will quietly skulk off to cry in the back room while the manager covers the register. Lines will be formed. Alliances won’t. Barcodes will be scanned. Totals will be, uh—well, totaled. Receipts? Printed. Change? Given. Happy Holidays? Wished. Can I help the next person in line? Patience will be stretched, as will budgets. Credit cards will be declined. Returns will be made, and refunds authorized. Exchanges happen. Stock will be counted. Craig will be called in to handle the rush even though it’s his first day off in weeks. But he won’t complain. Children will shriek with want. Shifts will be covered, registers counted, new merchandise ordered. On Tuesdays and Thursday, from 4:30pm – 7:30pm, there will be gift wrapping offered, free of charge.

Yes, the holidays are no easy feat for those of you in the trenches doing the hard work. With so much going on, and with possible temporary staff that need training, it’s a good time to refresh yourselves with your POS.  Features and processes that don’t get used often have a way of slipping from the mind. Maybe your staff learned how to process returns a few months ago, but if they never actually had to do one that process is gone from their heads, I assure you.

Photo by Jim, the Photographer (Flickr)
Photo by Jim, the Photographer (Flickr)

The best way to keep your store running smoothly is to make sure that your staff are equipped to make that happen. If they aren’t, you’ll be confronted with a nightmare scenario of impatient customers worse than anything the Ghost of Christmas Future could show you. It doesn’t have to be that way. Preempt flare-ups by having your employees reacquaint themselves with certain aspects of your point of sale and keep the lines moving. I’m not suggesting you have them sit down and read all the posts over at our support microsite—though it couldn’t hurt—but staff performance is directly tied to their knowledge of the system. Having them go through many of the videos on our Youtube channel will certainly help to get them back up to speed. Some good ones in particular to look at would be:

Of course, our support team is always here to help you when you need us. The next week will be tough, but we’ll get through it together.

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