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Kounta Launches Restaurant POS in the US with Boomtown White Glove Services

Kounta and Boomtown partner to help restaurants seamlessly transition to next-generation point-of-sale technology Kounta, the cloud based POS designed with …

By Werner

Kounta and Boomtown partner to help restaurants seamlessly transition to next-generation point-of-sale technology

Kounta, the cloud based POS designed with restaurants in mind, continues to lay a foundation in North America by way of its newly announced partnership with Boomtown.  Kounta has revolutionized what clients can expect from a cloud POS, offering restaurant-focused features that exceed today’s standard at a fraction of the cost.  And Boomtown has changed the way tech support is accessed, offering a full suite of support services from hardware and software installation to having technicians available, nationwide and 24/7.  Together, the two companies will be working together to bring end-to-end solutions to restaurants across the United States.

For both companies, this partnership makes a certain kind of strategic sense.  As a spokesperson for Boomtown noted, “New POS solutions can take advantage of next-gen support technology and provide an enhanced support experience for their merchant clients.  Solutions in our network achieve faster set-up, higher customer satisfaction, and less churn” because of Boomtown’s holistic approach.  However, Kounta and Boomtown recognize that the real winners here will be their customers.  Kounta POS has “seen tremendous growth in Australia and [we] are excited to come to the U.S.,” said CEO Nick Cloete.  He cited Kounta’s innovative multi-store capabilities, instant detailed reporting, and seamless third party add-ons” as reasons Kounta is leading the way in cloud based POS for restaurants.

The partnership between Kounta and Boomtown means that even the smallest cafes or coffee shops will take full advantage of the advanced features they might not have been able to afford with legacy systems.  Thanks to Boomtown’s White Glove Installation services, customers won’t have to worry about setting up advanced inventory management, customer relationship management tools, or an optimised wireless network setup to ensure smooth operations in a fully functional environment. With software, hardware, setup, and support all tied together for far less than a legacy POS might cost, any restaurant can modernize and take their game to the next level, with zero IT headaches.

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About Kounta: Kounta is a flexible and scalable Online Point of Sale Software System. Quick to get started, Kounta is easy to use yet powerful enough to run any store, on any hardware, both online and off. Add, sell and update your products and inventory, centralize your management and reporting, connect to other online and mobile services, reward loyal customers with points and rewards and invite your team to your store to get involved, all in real-time. No downloads, no software and no setup fees and always up to date with new features. For more information, visit

About Boomtown: San Francisco-based Boomtown combines the latest in support technology with a nationwide labor force of technicians trained on merchant technology deployment and ongoing support. Restaurants can save up to 60% compared to legacy outsourced solutions or adding internal IT staff. For more information on Boomtown