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I took my kids to a pizza place earlier in the week, and when I asked them what they wanted …

By Dave Eagle


I took my kids to a pizza place earlier in the week, and when I asked them what they wanted as a topping, my son contorted his face into a familiar expression that says, “Capitalism is oppressing me with too many choices!”  These kids today and their progressive economic theories…

But anyway, when he finally snapped out of his thought-trance, he finally said, “Actually, Dad, can I have a cheeseburger?”

Clearly, I hadn’t instilled in the boy a proper reverence for mankind’s greatest achievement, the cheeseburger.  One simply does not walk into a pizza place and expect a decent burger; you wouldn’t go into a car dealership and buy a bathrobe.  You’re there for a particular expertise: make the most of it.  And frankly, the pizza place ought to know better.  They focus on everything, and excel at nothing.  Their pizza wasn’t that great, either.

So, we here at Kounta tend to sit around and howl derisively at our competitors who, like the pizza place, try to do too much and end up with very little.  We’re a software company, and our specialty is a cloud-based POS.  Sure, we’ve loaded it up with features, but all those features are natural extensions of its basic capabilities.  Inventory, customers, staff time keeping: these are all integral parts of the way money flows in and out of your business.  While we don’t want to limit our software, we also don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin.  Besides, there are plenty of other folks who already make great burgers.  No sense in reinventing the wheel.

All of which brings me to the point of today’s post, which is to introduce you to one of our partners: Collect Rewards and their amazing loyalty app.  Umm, OK, you’re thinking, you couldn’t figure out how to add a “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” function to your POS??   But that’s the whole crux of the biscuit I’m getting at here.  Yes, we could have added that.  That’s easy enough, and doesn’t require too much thought or time.  We could have also done a dollars-for-rewards-points system without much skin off our backs.  Or, we could have chosen to integrate with a company that strictly specializes in Loyalty programs and takes it to an entirely different level while we stayed focus on taking our POS above and beyond the competition.


Enter Collect.  They understand that retail loyalty programs are aimed at customer retention, and they’ve figured out a way to go beyond that.  The conventional wisdom says that it costs a business almost 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.  With that in mind, implementing some kind of program is a no-brainer.  Especially with a hospitality-based business, sometimes it’s not enough to provide killer service and great food.  But the problem is there are a lot of people like me out there, the kind of people who get their Frequent Coffee Card, stick it in their wallet, and immediately forget about it.  Incentives and rewards don’t work if your customer can’t remember they exist.  And this is why we love Collect: it’s a proactive system that can be used to remind your not-yet-loyal customers you exist, and that their loyalty will pay off.

At the heart of Collect is a smartphone app (iOS and Android) which creates what’s essentially a social network dedicated to your shop.  Whenever someone joins through Collect, they’re automatically added as a customer in Kounta.  You can manage your rewards program (and all its incentives) and send push notifications to your followers, alerting them to new rewards.  Followers can also earn rewards for referrals, which means that your loyalty and retention efforts can also result in new customers, who didn’t cost a dime to acquire.  To be clear, Collect is a subscription service—find out more about its monthly fees, including a holiday special, here—but that’s money you’re spending on customer retention, not acquisition.  Any new customers you get through the social aspect is, if not free, literally not a dime.

But I’m not a numbers guy—I’m a words guy tasked with writing interesting copy about software and its features.  I think today, with the kind of mood I’m in, I’ll present to you the highlights of using Collect Rewards with Kounta as a series of haikus, the most delicate of Japanese poetic forms.  I mean, if I have to evoke the essence of these apps in a poetic form (and I do: my contract demands it), then haiku sounds most appropriate, with its simple presentation of complex ideas and images.  Or something like that.

kounta and collect table

For more specific—and far less self-indulgent—information have a look at this demo of Collect Rewards working with Kounta.

Collect – Smart Loyalty and Marketing for Smart Stores from Collect on Vimeo.