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Behind the Kounta

Messina x Kounta Tasting Sessions

Messina are so obsessed with the quality and flavour of their products, that they have made us their official ‘taste testers’.

By Chloe Chaplin

It's a tough gig but somebody has to do it, every-time we tuck in to a cake we'll share our verdict on our social channels and here, so keep your eyes peeled for our updates! Here are our thoughts so far ...

How Now

Jersey milk gelato. Dulce de leche. Dulce de leche gelato. Jersey milk soaked sponge. Milk crumb. Vanilla cream. Finished with black and white chocolate cow print.

“A delightful mix of Viennetta meeting an Argentinian Chocotorta on a good night out!”

The Slab

This cake can be eaten from the fridge or the freezer. Caramel mousse. Caramel sponge. Peanut milk chocolate crunch. Peanut butter cremeux. Finished with milk chocolate glaze and Messina print chocolate square.

“The peanut butter finish makes the north American in me happy cuz it tastes like Reese peanut butter cup.”

Bombe Alaska

Milk chocolate gelato. Raspberry sorbet. Raspberry gel. Chocolate crunch. Finished with torched raspberry meringue.

“Would go seconds and thirds with this one, perfect amount of sweetness.”

Strawberries & Cream

Vanilla gelato. Strawberry sorbet. Wild strawberry mousse. Strawberry & masala soaked sponge. Strawberry gel. Finished with fresh strawberries in strawberry gel.

“LOVE the texture, jammy sweeeet goodness!”

Quad Choc

Milk chocolate gelato. White chocolate gelato. Dark chocolate gelato. Toasted white chocolate parfait. Flourless chocolate sponge. Crunchy caramel milk chocolate. Finished with velvet chocolate spray.

“I loved the thin crispy chocolate and the trio of gelato was nicely balanced with the toasted white chocolate parfait; light but full of flavour.”