How technology empowered Nomad to relaunch in less than 6 weeks

Sydney-based NOMAD restaurant announced last week that it would be back in business soon setting up in a temporary new …

By Will Glover

Sydney-based NOMAD restaurant announced last week that it would be back in business soon setting up in a temporary new home in the Surry Hills space previously occupied by Longrain.

Last month a fire at the restaurant’s Foster Street location broke out causing major structural damage to the building. An event which has seen the business unable to move back into its usual site while building restoration and repairs take place.

“The restaurant may have been destroyed but the business has been able to survive because of the diligence of our team, empowered by the technology we use” said NOMAD General Manager, Daniel Fortescue.

The opening of the new space – now a reality less than 50 days since the tragic fire. “As I stood outside the restaurant watching the smoke billow out of the windows one of my first thoughts, after making sure everyone was safe, was about how we would get things back up and running,” said Daniel.

A concern that was short-lived because of the restaurant’s technology choices.

“Deputy’s communication tools have been integral to keeping our team informed and paid correctly, in the most difficult of circumstances. Kounta provided the perfect option to replace our clunky and outdated point of sale with a system that is simple to use and configure, and one that we could deploy quickly. Our staff are already familiar with using iPad and iPhone, which made it really easy for them to embrace working with Deputy and Kounta.”

The ability to keep staff informed and updated about the timeline of returning to work has enabled NOMAD to retain 94% of its original workforce.

Deputy co-founder and CEO, Ashik Ahmed believes true validation in life comes from helping people and is delighted that his company’s software was able to make a turbulent period in the work lives of the Nomad team a little bit easier.

“It is a real honour to work with our partners at Kounta to support a valued customer that we have in common. We each play important and complementary roles in Nomad’s world of workforce management,” said Ashik.

“I most certainly will be organising to have a team dinner at the new space during the restaurants three-month pop-up season.”

Those that work at Kounta live and breathe hospitality, so to learn of NOMAD’s happening hit the hearts of the Kounta family quite closely.

“The speed at which NOMAD got back on their feet is testament to the team and the processes they’ve put in place,” said Kounta Founder and CEO, Nick Cloete. “At Kounta, we aim to empower hospitality brands with a powerful Point of Sale system they can set up quickly, manage themselves efficiently, and staff can pick up in a few minutes. It’s an honour to serve businesses like NOMAD in challenging times to help them get back on track and keep growing.”

“When your business goes through such a disruption, foremost on your mind is looking after your team and getting back to serving your guests as quickly as possible. NOMAD is known for providing outstanding food and service experiences. This comes from having the best people, empowered by the best technology,” said Daniel.

“Also, I’ve been struck by just how personal the assistance has been from our technology partners. To have representatives get in touch and simply ask “what can we do, how can we help?” has been amazing. I couldn’t be more thankful for the time and effort that has been contributed to getting us back on our feet.”

NOMAD Up the Road will open on November 1st, at 85 Commonwealth Street Surry Hills. Bookings can be made by visiting

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