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Pablo and Rusty’s: Case Study

Founded in 2010, P&R has grown from a small cafe in Sydney to a larger operation including several cafes, a roastery and a wholesale business providing coffee to over 200 venues across the country.

By Greg

"I would estimate that we make an additional $1,000 an hour or more in our Sydney store using Kounta. Between the reduction in costs and increase in sales, Kounta has played a significant role in helping P&R grow."


Originally, P&R were using an expensive legacy point of sale system that they had to run on their own servers.

“We wasted a significant amount of money and time on our previous system” said Abdullah, Chief Operations Officer of P&R. “It cost us $3000 for the point of sale, plus we had to bear the cost of running a server and had to spend time running backups in case the power went down’

“On top of this, we also had to pay an IT technician to make any changes we needed to make, like updating menus or changing pricing. It was ridiculous.”

Between paying for the system, the servers and the IT technicians needed to make changes, the costs were starting to add up and it was only going to get worse as the business grew.


P&R decided to move away from their legacy POS system and after assessing a few options, decided to use Kounta.

“In the cafes that only offer ordering at the counter, we have two iPads, two Albert payment terminals and a cash register. We only use one iPad and one Albert during our normal hours, but we bought an extra set so that staff can grab the iPad and payment terminal and work their way through the queues. It’s been a super effective way to keep the queues down and the orders flowing”

“In our Sydney city store however, we take orders at the table as well as over the counter. We have two main registers for counter orders and five floating ipads for taking orders at the table. Once an order is taken, it automatically sends different items to different printers at different stations. So hot food goes to the kitchen, coffees go to one of two coffee stations, sandwiches go to the sandwich station, etc. This setup keeps things moving really quickly.”

“Finally, when a customer is ready to pay they can either come to the counter and make payment or we can take payment at the table using the integrated Albert payment terminals.”


Since implementing Kounta, P&R have been able to both reduce costs and increase revenue.

“Just like our legacy system, Kounta is highly customised to the way we want it to work. However, when we need to change a menu item, or make an operational adjustment to how we run a store, any one of our staff can do that without the help of an IT technician. This saves us a lot on IT costs”

“On top of this, because of Kounta’s many integrations we are now able to easily take advantage of new technological innovations like ‘pay ahead’ apps, which has helped bring in extra sales & revenue.

“Finally, we’ve actually been able to sell a lot more in stores because we can keep the queues down and the orders flowing. In fact, I would estimate that we make an additional $1,000 an hour or more in our Sydney store using Kounta”

“Between the reduction in costs and increase in sales, Kounta has played a significant role in helping P&R grow.”

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