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Powa to the People: Kounta and PowaPOS

Consider the Swiss Army knife. It’s long recognized as the king of jamming as many useful tools into a single, …

By Dave Eagle

Photo by Jim Pennucci
Photo by Jim Pennucci

Consider the Swiss Army knife. It’s long recognized as the king of jamming as many useful tools into a single, pocket-sized widgety thing. But long before Victorinox was combining blades, screwdrivers and toothpicks into a multi-use tool, the British were experimenting with their own many-birds-one-stone ideas. Fresh off the success of the invention Fish & Chips, England emboldened itself to try another bold combination: what if we settled a natural paradise by establishing a penal colony there? This was back in the 18th century, when the sun was still stubbornly refusing to set on the English empire, and the Brits took this idea and ran with it. Settlement increased, the south of the continent was declared a “free province,” years passed and—Bob’s your uncle—Australia as we know it today was born. Even the form of government is a Swiss Army amalgamation of seemingly incompatible tools: a constitutional monarchy mixed with a federal parliamentary democracy. The multi-use ethic is a quintessentially Australian trademark. We invented the FRED, and the Splayd, and a digital Point of Sale that also manages inventory, customers, and employees, with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

The point here is that we know a thing or two about getting the most out of a single product, which is why were kind of floored when we first laid eyes on the PowaPOS T-Series tablet stand. Designed by the UK-based Powa Technologies, the T-Series is the perfect hardware complement to Kounta. Of course, saying that it’s a tablet stand is like calling the Swiss Army Knife a knife. First of all, the thing is kind of adorable. It looks like a friendly little square eyed alien, smiling at you and awaiting your company. Or, I could be lonely in a way that is affecting my visual processing.

PowaPOS Web Bubble Image

In any case, it turns out that our British friends have more in common with us than just a queen—it’s that Swiss Army spirit of elegantly fitting is as much use into a product as possible. Look at the ways in which our visions overlap:

* PowaPOS is a compact solution that combines your POS with an integrated receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, customer facing card readers, and an attractive swivel base. Kounta is a compact solution that combines POS with inventory, customer relationship, and employee management in a single app, but no attractive swivel base.
* PowaPOS works with iPad, Android, and Windows tablets. Kounta works with iOS, Android, and Windows.
* The thermal integrated receipt printer minimizes clutter on your counter. Kounta is software and takes up no physical space at all. Plus: it works with receipt printers!
* The PowaPOS card reader supports both Magstripe swipes and EMV dips, and the integrated PIN pad makes it Chip and PIN ready. Kounta supports Magstripe and is fully EMV compliant.
* PowaPOS is expandable by way of USB ports in the back, so you can plug in third party peripherals. Kounta is expandable by way of our open APIs, so you can integrate with third party apps.
* Powa sounds like how an Australian would say Power. Kounta sounds like how an Australian would say Counter.
* PowaPOS has the acronym POS in its name. Kounta is a POS. This is getting freaky, right?

At the core of both of these products is the commitment to a design that makes having a sophisticated POS much easier. With Kounta, you sign up through our website, and you’re off and running. With PowaPOS, you plug in that one power cord, and everything’s connected. Don’t take my word for it, though. Take a look at this video, and judge for yourself why we’re so excited about this partnership: