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Prepare your purchase schedule

We caught up with Justin, Product Owner for Kounta Purchase to share his top tip on ensuring you don’t forget your new busy season delivery schedule.

By Chloe Chaplin

During the holiday season your delivery schedules are likely changing, and being short on stock could be a real problem.

When you’re calling in orders, sending text messages, and emailing or faxing POs to suppliers, keeping track of all your orders can get difficult fast, especially with the added confusion the busy season brings.

To make sure your business always has the stock it needs, Kounta Purchase gives you one simple way to order and logs your POs centrally on Kounta.

Your team will always know when and what to order, who to order it from, and what to receive – regardless of who’s on shift.

Kounta will manage all your supplier details, record cost prices for every purchase, update inventory levels as you buy new stock, and sync to your accounting platform as you pay.

Plus, Kounta Purchase is absolutely free.


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