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Sync purchase orders, order hardware, and more

We’ve spent the past month making Kounta even easier to use and it all goes live shortly. When: 11PM AEDT on …

By Greg

We’ve spent the past month making Kounta even easier to use and it all goes live shortly.

When: 11PM AEDT on March 27th
After this time, Kounta will auto-update on log in​

What’s New

Purchase Hardware In Kounta

Need to order receipt paper rolls, replace a faulty printer, or upgrade your gear asap? You can now order hardware directly within Kounta. Simply go to Sites in Back Office and click “Hardware” to get what you need from our online store.

Purchase Order Sync

​Xero and QuickBooks users rejoice! When you mark a purchase order as received in Kounta, it will now sync beautifully to your accounting software. No more double handling fuss. Just more time to focus on growing your brand.

Book a time with our service team to learn more.

Keen to see improvements and bug fixes too?

See 46 more ways we’ve made Kounta better this month


  • Flash Messages and alerts have underwent a style update to be less intrusive
  • We now hide the Variable Price Prompt when you set a product to be a modifier
  • The icon initials for Products, Customers and Users in Reports have been updated
  • When you aren’t linked to any Sites, you’ll now see a profile menu


Bug Fixes

  • Sorted some issues with the Review button on iPhones
  • Fixed an alignment glitch with the sign up page on tablets
  • Corrected a bug seen in iOS 11.2 with saving product notes
  • Resolved an issue with linking a customer to a sale when using Preno
  • Squashed a bug in Chrome 65 that caused PDF receipts to show blank when printing
  • Resolved an issue with On Account Statements sometimes not sending
  • Fixed an issue with disabling the new accounting integrations
  • Resolved an error with the Sales By Report – Sales By Product
  • Fixed a glitch where order numbers would increase unexpectedly after loading a sale from Sale History
  • Longer course names now display correctly on the POS
  • Resolved an issue with updating Printer Settings whilst offline on the POS
  • Users with the Edit Held Order permission on can now see the Orders tab when the Staff Level Order Control add-on is enabled
  • Customer lists no longer disappear after a Bar tab transaction
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from applying bulk actions to products within Option Sets
  • Display total and COG are no longer missing on Money History on Albert
  • Applied new styling to the POS on-screen keyboard
  • Corrected an issue with scroll buttons on Refund Reasons
  • Fixed a formatting issue on Albert with the Add Customer button
  • Resolved an issue with our gift card API requiring a customer to be linked to a sale
  • Resolved a bug with the Sales Feed timing out under certain scenarios
  • Fixed a glitch with the Sales By Report Cost Pricing equation
  • Corrected an issue with the Number Pad when the default value is negative
  • Sorted a glitch where the Edit Product window would result in an error at times
  • Resolved an issue that affected certain functions with auto-logout enabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Create and Cancel buttons to misalign on the Copy Promo pop-up
  • Scroll buttons no longer overlap on the Refund window
  • When scroll is enabled, scroll down buttons are no longer missing on Categories
  • Resolved an issue with the Adjustment Reasons window not centring on POS
  • Fixed a bug where the PO date filter overlaps w/ export and filter label
  • Adjustments scroll arrows on POS no longer overlap with buttons
  • Corrected a glitch on Albert where Adjustment and Refund Reason windows would crop
  • Resolved an issue where navigating from “Arrange Items” to “Search” would glitch the POS
  • Fixed an issue where the Side Menu can be dragged if either company or site name is too long
  • Corrected some of our email notifications that displayed poorly
  • Fixed a bug where a token is not passed to help indicate when terminals are online
  • Resolved an issue where an order will fail on activation after changing your password and logging back in
  • Reduced the number of activation failures emails we send on repeated failures
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation menu would disappear at times on Android devices
  • Solved a bug that froze the POS interface when checking out via a Custom Payment that requires a customer
  • Resolved an issue that caused the POS to remain loading after cancelling a tyro refund on android
  • Fixed a bug when Staff Level Order Control is enabled that affected the functionality of the Orders tab.