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Rethinking What’s Possible

Today’s the day. An important Kounta update has launched. Last year, we set out to rethink your Kounta experience…

By Greg

Today’s the day.

An important Kounta update has launched.

Last year, we set out to rethink your Kounta experience.

We immersed ourselves in your world, and learned things about you that are now helping us to help you better serve your customers.

Things like:

  • Your customer is your priority. Kounta must be fast & efficient
  • You need service by experts who know hospitality inside & out
  • You need help optimising Kounta to grow your business faster

Our learnings led to many improvements to how you experience Kounta:

  • 24/7 phone & chat support
    …for round the clock help in minutes
  • A service team
    …to ensure you, your staff, & your customers are taken care of
  • A product team
    …of tech & hospitality experts so we only build things you need
  • And an array of
    critical improvements & features

Our learnings also informed our latest update…

A Fresh New Look

The Kounta brand you’re familiar with drew attention away from the stylish interiors you’ve worked hard to create. Instead, our updated brand takes design cues from your business to better fit your aesthetic.

It’s designed to make Kounta blend in with your environment and includes subtle improvements to make Kounta even easier to use.

To help you quickly get comfortable with Kounta’s updated look, we’ve created a guide showing the key updates.

Need personalised help? Hit the ? on any page in Kounta and we’ll be there for you.

There’s still a lot of work to be done – both big and small. Here’s what you can expect to see in updates to come:

  • Better accounting integrations
  • Quicker, more informative reports
  • Simpler ways to get & manage s tock
  • and many more improvements & features that matter to you

From everyone at Kounta – thank you for inspiring us. We couldn’t have done all that we’ve done without amazing customers like you.

Last year, our customers sold $4,988,548,206 worth of goods through Kounta – helping us to become Australia’s biggest point of sale provider.

Here’s to helping you grow even more in 2018!