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Say my name, say my name | 5 ways to make your brand memorable

It’s fair to say, competition in hospo’ is at an all-time high. There are more venues than ever before, with more sophisticated marketing, changing consumer trends and a barrage of social media gimmicks to contend with to stay relevant. Oh, and you’ve got to deliver an exceptional product too, no biggie.

By Chloe Chaplin

So, here are five ways to cut through the noise, create and elevate your brand so it’s not only memorable but loved.

Don’t shoot the messenger

Don’t be fooled. The words you use in relation to your brand matter. Whether it’s what you say on your website or Insta profile, on your menu, or in person, it’s important that you have an articulate, well-thought-out message when it comes to letting people know what you do and why. And then you need everyone even remotely connected with selling your brand to know this message inside out so that everyone’s singing from the same songbook.

Power to the people

Yeah yeah, customer service is the most important thing. We get it, you get, we all get it. But more important than just focusing on good service, is empowering your people to be skilled at solving your customers’ problems. Whether it’s anticipating needs, dealing with an issue, or making an experience special, it’s important that staff know what their boundaries are, and then within those, feel supported and encouraged to do what they think is right to make a customer’s day.

Give a little

More and more consumers want to align themselves with brands that are doing the right thing – whether that be from a sustainability or environmental perspective, to a community or charitable cause. Being known for more than just what you serve helps to cement your brand in people’s minds, and lets them know who you are and what you’re all about, on a deeper level.

Wow factor

This doesn’t mean balloons and confetti. Although, if the occasion grants it… by all means, go nuts. Wow factor is about injecting something into a person’s experience with your brand that has an impact on them. And this is by no means a one-size-fits-all tactic – it’s about knowing your customers, being observant and delivering a little something that makes them feel seen and appreciated. It may be as simple as remembering their coffee order or their name, or you may go out of your way to make it easy for someone struggling with a baby, laptop, puppy, [insert any other potentially awkward situation here], but taking customer service further and making it about relevant connection is key.

You do you

There are lots of brands doing cool shit. And for every killer idea, there’s another one getting ready to be rolled out around the corner. But none of the bells and whistles matter more than knowing what you want to do and doing it really well. Confidence and consistency will always win in the long run.