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Steve! Jobs at Kounta

Note: This post is dedicated to my friend Steve, hence the title. The information is for everyone, though. So I was …

By Dave Eagle

Photo by John Morton (Flickr)
Photo by John Morton (Flickr)

Note: This post is dedicated to my friend Steve, hence the title. The information is for everyone, though.

So I was talking with Elliot over in the software engineering department the other day—totally casual conversation, not at all like someone had emailed him and asked him to list three reasons he liked working at Kounta—and then out of nowhere, I asked him to tell me three reasons he liked working at Kounta. He didn’t even miss a beat:

“One, I like being part of a small team that isn’t bogged down by bureaucracy. Two, being part of a small team allows a great culture with events—we get beers after work, play frisbee, things like that. Three, being part of a small team that does not include Donald Trump.”

Well, bad news Elliot: we’re hiring. The team will remain Trumpless, but it’s going to get a little bigger.

Photo by SurferGirl30 (Flickr)
Photo by SurferGirl30 (Flickr)

That’s kind of what happens when rock stars like Elliot are part of a small team. Especially when that small team is behind Australia’s number one hospitality point of sale.  But we’re of the mind that it ain’t broke till the fat lady sings. Until then: don’t fix it. The culture here is important to us: it’s how we thrive. We’re three years into this thing called Kounta, and we still operate like a startup. Our customers’ success is our success, so we don’t hide behind telephone menu trees to avoid talking to them. Many of us put our years in for the hospitality industry, and we’re looking for more 51 percenters to round out the team. We’re using the latest technologies in the most human of ways, and regardless of your role the focus is the same: creating the best point of sale money can’t buy (it’s accessed through a monthly subscription fee, cancel any time). If you read any of that and nodded your head in understanding, if you know what a 51 percenter is, and if you’re not Donald Trump—you’ll probably fit in just fine here.

And, as if you needed more enticement, we have offices in two great locations. Our mothership is in Sydney, Australia, which just so happens to have been named the most affordable city for young people to live in this year by Quartz Magazine. And if you don’t believe them, they’ve got a picture of a backpacker on roller skating while playing his guitar to prove it. Technically, our Sydney office is in Surry Hills, which is just east of Sydney. What with all the amazing cafes, nightlife, and coffee bars around, it kind of made sense for us to put down roots here. And our US office is in Palo Alto, part of the storied Silicon Valley. It’s pretty much the Mecca of digital civilisation. And in both of these cities, I hasten to add, you’ve got an almost zero chance of running into Donald Trump.

Hike Above Silicon ValleyPhoto by Travis Wise (Flickr)
Hike Above Silicon Valley
Photo by Travis Wise (Flickr)

We’re hiring across almost all departments—administrative, tech, support, managerial—so have a look at our current openings, and apply online. We’re really excited about what we’re doing here, so you should be also. And with that, I’ll leave you with the words of Vic, another software engineering guy I just happened to be talking to for reasons that have nothing to do with this post. It gets to the heart of how we feel as a team: “We’re building something that our customers are using over and over again. They’ll either love us or hate us. And that’s the reason we are driven to make it just perfect.” Does that sound a little intense to you? Then it’s probably best you move on to the next company. For us, it’s an entirely reasonable sentiment, and we’re looking for people who feel that same drive.

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