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To your door | The 10 best takeaway food apps

Remember when people had to interact with another human, physically get off the couch and drag their sorry selves away from the latest episode of MAFS, just to pick up their dinner?

By Chloe Chaplin

In order to help humanity achieve peak laziness, a plethora of food apps have been introduced in Australia and around the globe dedicated to takeaway innovation. Here are ten of the best takeaway food apps.


UberEATS is one of the largest providers of on-demand food delivery around the world. After launching in Melbourne in 2016, the company expanded to other major Australian cities. The sister company of ridesharing service Uber, UberEATS has dominated the Australian food delivery market, with exclusive partnerships with the likes of KFC, Coles and Subway.

UberEATS has faced controversy in recent months, with a number of small businesses exiting the system, citing high fees and poor service.


Merged with EatNow, Menulog is an Australian and New Zealand-based food app with some of the widest-reaching delivery services. The business claims to cover 90% of delivery addresses, which is pretty significant if you think about all the country towns in the land down under.

Menulog reportedly has some of the lowest commission rates, although UberEATS and Deliveroo do not typically reveal the exact rate they charge restaurants. They also work with our friends at Chat Thai, so the people of Sydney can enjoy the incredible authentic Thai flavours at home – winning.


British-founded food delivery company Deliveroo first appeared in Australia in 2014. The bright blue delivery bike riders rolled out across Australia as one of the first ‘gig economy’ food deliverers.


American-based company Postmates allows customers to tip couriers, which can significantly add to a driver’s earnings. Postmates delivers everything from fresh meals, groceries and alcohol—so you can order your bottle of vodka with a litre of milk. Postmates offers unlimited free delivery all year for a flat, upfront rate.

Hey You

Although Hey You technically doesn’t deliver to your door (yet—there are reports that the Australian-based company is trialling deliveries), the brand has previously organised delivery to VIP seats during the Australian Open Festival. The app allows you to pre-pay and pre-order from your favourite restaurants and cafes before you arrive, saving past purchases for easy reordering. So, if you’re in a rush you can still start your day with a coffee and delicious breakfast from our friends at Pablo and Rusty’s without having to wait your turn!


Another home-grown Australian business, OrderUp! gives businesses and franchises customisation power over their own delivery services. For example, businesses can choose what area they want to deliver to, manage their own payments and delivery logistics.


Seamless is an American-based and operated company with no delivery fees. Instead, the company takes a cut of the average delivery order and there are often order minimums. Exclusive in-app discounts position Seamless as one of the strongest players in the food app market.


Smaller than Seamless and its parent company, Grubhub, Doordash has charmed some users with its unique interface and eccentric red design. Doordash’s “Delight Score” uses food quality, restaurant popularity, delivery time, and customer satisfaction to recommend the best restaurants in a user’s area.

Yelp Eat 24

Yelp’s food delivery app arm, Yelp Eat 24 has the advantage of relying on a recognised household name. It’s arguably the most in-depth rating system on the market, built on the backbone of Yelp’s years of restaurant reviews.


New Zealand-based Delivereasy does exactly what the name suggests: they make food delivery, easy. The app allows you to order food directly to your doorstep, as well as placing orders in advance, so those fried pork dumplings can arrive the second after you’re home.


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