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5 Coffee Drinks You Might Not Have Heard Of

A look at some of the lesser known coffee drinks of the world.

By Dave Eagle

Photo by Mike Procario / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In another post, we covered the different kinds of espresso drinks that are common to any specialty coffee shop, which highlights our point that the possibilities for making different kinds of coffee drinks is practically limitless.

It’s those tasty ones we’re focusing on here – the lesser known drinks particular to a culture, region, or even a single coffee shop. If you’re getting bored with the same old same-old, have a look at these drinks for something new.

Coffee you've never heard of_Kounta
Image credit: Naser Chawroka / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

1 . Bulletproof Coffee

As the name might suggest, this is not your average latte.

The drink is a mix of coffee, grass-fed butter, and something called Brain Octane, which is essentially coconut and palm kernel oil mixed with some kind of supplement. They’re thrown in a blender until a delicious frothy elixir appears; the cafe makes all kinds of claims as to the boundless energy and focus you get from the drink.

It’s also good for weight loss, they say, as the drink has enough protein and healthy fats to replace your breakfast.

Coffee you've never heard of_Kounta
Image credit: Akos Kokai / Flickr / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

2 . The Tim Tam Slam

This will be familiar to some Australians, but for the rest of the world, read on: your life is about to get a little better. This isn’t so much a drink as a ritual, and it goes by many other names as well, including the Tim Tam Bomb, the Tim Tam Explosion etc.

Start with a Tim Tam (obviously). Bite off two corners that are diagonally across from each other to create a little portal to the biscuits wafer-y interior.

Dunk one corner in your coffee, put your mouth on the other corner, and then suck the coffee into the biscuit. You stop when the entire thing is filled and have only a few seconds to chuck the entire thing into your mouth. The coffee breaks down the structural integrity of the wafer, which is unpleasant if it’s still in your hand, but is a multi-sensory explosion of happiness on your tongue.

Coffee you've never heard of_Kounta
Image credit: Bmore Raven / Flickr(CC BY-SA 2.0)


3 . Cà Phê Trứng (Vietnamese Egg Coffee)

If you love your coffee thick but think cream isn’t enough, then this one Vietnamese blend is for you. Raw egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk are whipped together in a cup, and then black coffee is poured over the top of the mixture.

Once the coffee hits the bottom, with a coffee infused egg/milk mixture floating on top, it’s ready to drink. The taste is described as a liquid coffee custard, which makes sense this is essentially a cup of unbaked coffee custard.

Coffee you've never heard of_Kounta
Image source: Serious Eats

4 . Koffie van Brunt

This proves there are better ways to booze up your coffee than with Bailey’s or Kahlua. Created by Brooklyn café Fort Defiance (and named for the street that the café is on), the van Brunt is a mix of rum, cherry liqueur, a shot of espresso, and chilled cream that’s garnished with cinnamon and orange zest. There’s more that we can say about this drink, but trying it out yourself is probably going to do it more justice.

5 .  Mazagran

Originally from Algeria, Mazagran is a cold, sweetened coffee drink that’s said to have been invented by French Foreign Legion soldiers who substituted milk or brandy in their coffee with water, and kept it chilled to counter the heat during the siege of Mazagran in 1840.

There are also other variations of Mazagran – the Portuguese use espresso, lemon, mint and rum, and Austrians may serve a version with ice and rum. Mazagran has been described as “the original iced coffee”, and was once served by Starbucks.

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