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Wavespot guest post: A match made in WiFi heaven

Wavespot and Kounta have embarked on a new partnership and we think it’s a match made in heaven. Here’s why. …

By Greg

placeit (4)Wavespot and Kounta have embarked on a new partnership and we think it’s a match made in heaven. Here’s why.

Wavespot and Kounta have successfully integrated their solutions – to create a unified, does-it-all resource for small businesses. So what does this mean? From a single automated portal, you can now set up and launch mobile coupons, email marketing, and social media efforts, link all of them with your POS and measure the revenue impact on your business. Before we dive in deeper, let me first introduce you to Wavespot.

Picture this.

Dan walks in.

Like most of your customers, Dan looks for your free WiFi network on his mobile device and logs right in. As he connects to the WiFi, he checks-in on Facebook and automatically receives a coupon for $3 beers on his mobile. As an option, he can share the coupon on Facebook or join your loyalty program to redeem the coupon. All this happens in less than 1 minute – Dan is already hooked to your brand, probably before you even begin attending to him.

Gotta bring Dan back.

Now, as much as you love having Dan at your business, he’s gotta go at some point. Two months later, Dan appears on your list of customers who haven’t come in over the past 60 days – Dan is automatically sent a personalized email that reads, “Hey Dan, we know you loved our beer, check out our new collection of spiced ales this weekend”. You have easily reconnected and prompted him to revisit your location. Lo and behold, Dan is back next weekend and brings a friend to check out the spiced ales. This reunion of Dan and your beer is made possible because when Dan logged in to your WiFi network, the system automatically captured his email contact information.

Now, what if you could recreate this picture, for every other customer, without having to tax your time and resources. Well, this is a sneak preview of Wavespot’s WiFi location marketing at play. Essentially, the Wavespot router connects your free WiFi with a marketing portal – with the portal you can set up campaigns that are data driven, and engage your customers across various media including social, mobile and email.

(On a side note – whether free WiFi is needed is a debate of the yester years. Free WiFi is going to be omnipresent – either we get on board or we miss the ship. As a wise man once said, time and technology wait for none.)

Well, now that you are familiar with Wavespot and WiFi location marketing, the synergy with Kounta seems obvious. Here’s a highlight of a few capabilities of this does-it-all integrated platform.

Mobile coupons – set up, share, redeem, measure

You can design and set up mobile coupons based on segments and user data. Your customers can access coupons during WiFi access or over email. Coupons can be then be easily redeemed at your Kounta POS.  You can also see which customers redeemed the coupons, how many coupons were redeemed and shared, and what was the overall sales impact of the campaign.

Location analytics meets POS reporting

Benefits of data insights shouldn’t be limited to the big corp. Here’s an overview of some of the many questions you can answer using Kounta and Wavespot data.

  • How much time are customers spending in my store on Fridays? How does that impact my sales?
  • What are my peak traffic hours – do they correspond to an actual rise in sales?
  • How much time are customers spending in my store on an average? On weekends?
  • How many new visitors and old visitors came in last week? Are repeat visits dropping? What was the revenue impact?

Features and frills aside, what excites us most is the common vision shared by Kounta and Wavespot – a vision to bring smart, advanced technologies at easy-on-the-pocket prices to empower our small business communities and entrepreneurial ventures. That’s why we believe our alliance is more than just a solution integration. It’s an ongoing effort to support business growth and proliferate technology innovation. I didn’t say it’s a match made in heaven for nothing.

Manika Bahuguna

Marketing Manager | Wavespot, Inc.