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What’s Good: Kounta’s New Features (4.2)

It’s been a bit more than a month since we released the version 4.1 update of Kounta, and the developers …

By Dave Eagle

It’s been a bit more than a month since we released the version 4.1 update of Kounta, and the developers took a well deserved break. When that 15 minutes was over, though, it was time to get back to work. Perhaps it sounds cruel to work them like that, but coders don’t do well with downtime. It’s all frisbee and energy drinks, and if you give them enough independence they might end up doing something reckless, like creating Youtube videos of themselves playing video games and screaming, which my son would no doubt love but would drive me insane to listen to. So, back to work they went and they developed the perfect successor to version 4.1. They call it “Version 4.2”—catchy, yes?

Frankly, the last version had so many cool new features and updates, I couldn’t imagine what more they could possibly add to it. Good thing they don’t pay to imagine. Instead I only need to report to you all the new things they’ve come with that I had trouble imagining. This, I can do:


  • Gift Card Processing is now available in the US through Mercury Payments, just in time for the holidays. Kounta merchants will be able to sel, top up, and activate cards. We’ll be rolling out more options in the future with other Blackline integrated gateways
  • Bar Tabs can now be open with a pre-authorised credit card, which is especially helpful in ending the stress of the “Will he or won’t he pass out before I get paid?” phenomenon.
  • Enhanced Reconciliation isn’t strictly a feature of marriage counseling any more. Now Kounta offers much more detailed analysis of sales, discounts, payments, and refunds in each reconciliation report.
  • Bulk Tipping dramatically improves the workflow of Kounta when it comes to tip adjustments after service finishes.
  • Smart Tipping offers tipping presets that are more intelligent than a straight calculation of percentage, especially useful in the cases of small check sizes.
  • Customised Receipts now include the ability to edit the footer of a receipt, as well.
  • Ability to Remove Taxes allows US companies to override taxation settings. This feature has been long awaited, as everyone knows that US corporations don’t have to pay taxes: that’s what the middle class is for.
  • Group Taxes for Accounting improves on the way Kounta handles taxes when integrating with third party accounting software.
  • Add-Ons Redesign improves the interface of the add-ons page. We’ve got so many great integrations, from our in-house offerings to third party apps, that it was time to make it easier to navigate through all of them.

There you go, members of the Kounta Culture: the new features of Kounta 4.2. We’re excited about all that we’ve added, and we’re proud that you’ve chosen to rely on us to help power your businesses. But we’re not done yet. The women and men of our development team are already back to work, getting the next release up to snuff for you. They won’t tell me what they’ve got in store for the next one, but a source who asked to remain anonymous let slip that they’re toying with the idea of calling it “Version 4.3.” Tune in to this space regularly and find out what’s in store for your store.