To refer to Kounta as cash register software misses the point entirely. Kounta is a full fledged, cloud based point of sale. Sure, you can ring up sales and accept all kinds of payments, from cash to credit to mobile payment platforms like PayPal and Apple Pay. But there’s so much more to Kounta than just the cash register. Kounta keeps track of your inventory, updating stock every time an item is sold, and alerting you when something is nearing depletion. You can maintain a database customers, to use for promotions and marketing. Add your employees as users, and track their time and performance, and grant different levels of access based on their roles.

What better stores need

Smart Point of Sale features for any type and size business

Cloud based

Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, products and reports are always available, always safe, and always up to date.

What is the cloud?

Works on any device

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Online and Offline

Kounta works both Online and Offline, once your internet connection is restored your sales are backed up to the cloud.

How does it work offline?

Feature Rich

Kounta comes with powerful features like inventory management, real-time reports and analytics, CRM, loyalty and much more.

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Kounta connects to the best online and mobile services like payments, accounting, loyalty, e-commerce, rostering and more.

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We provide customer support around the clock, and have a global network of Kounta Expert partners to help you get up and running.

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Peace of mind comes with the security of Kounta.

We take the safety and security of your data very seriously. Kounta isn’t just a POS, it’s your own virtual mission critical data center. We monitor the network and keep it secure; we update the Kounta software when we release a new version; we take care of the backups of your data, constantly and vigilantly. In your store, you and your customers can breathe easy knowing their sensitive credit card data is safeguarded through EMV compliance; our “out of scope” implementation of this ensures account numbers don’t ever touch the POS. The same goes for Apple Pay transactions. And even though it’s all online, you don’t ever have to fear an outage. Kounta keeps plugging away even if your network goes down. Any sales, returns, refunds, or other type of transactions are saved at the POS terminal and then sent back to Kounta once connectivity comes back.

Online Cash Register POS Features:

  • Your POS sits in our data center, freeing you up to make sales from anywhere you can access it
  • Data is securely encrypted and continuously backed up on servers that are monitored 24/7 by us
  • Works even when your internet connection is down and then automatically syncs with servers once connectivity is restored

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When your data’s online, you can always find it.

Having your point of sale run from the cloud means never having to be away from you business. If you carry a smartphone, you’re connected. Access your Kounta dashboard for real time, at-a-glance information about what’s happening at your store. Watch sales revenue by store, or even by register. You can check to make sure your employees have clocked in, deal with inventory issues, or use Kounta Insights to analyze your sales data and get greater business intelligence.

You can be confident you’re making good business decisions, knowing you’ve got all the best information at your disposal. With Kounta, wherever you go, there you are. So, go ahead and take your cash register online—and get more than you thought was possible from a POS.


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